Thursday, 16 June 2016

Transgender Bat Shit Craziness

You couldn't make this bat shit craziness up if you tried. Just how crazy, how insane, has this trans-gendered bullshit gone?

It has gone far enough that a 'trans' girl is upset that she cannot get guys to date her. "She" is upset that "straight guys don’t want to date “her” because she has “male parts.”

No shit, Sherlock.

We have crawled so far down the rabbit hole that a documentary is made about a trans "girl" looking for love and unable to find it because the guys "she" is attracted to aren't looking for a chick with a dick.

Michael Cantrell rightly puts it: "Apparently a young “trans” girl — a man with a mental illness leading him to believe he’s a woman — is very distraught over the fact straight guys don’t want to date “her” because she has “male parts.”

Bingo. A man with a mental illness. It is called Gender Identity Disorder. It is not natural. It is a mental illness and it can be treated. But in today's sex obsessed world people want to make their sexual obsessions into their identity and they want to normalize deep seated psychiatric illnesses as normal. This is insane.

Even if he cuts his cock off he is still a man. He has male hormones. He has XY chromosomes. He is a man, not a girl, not a woman. He has a mental illness.

Holy fuck. Has the entire world gone nuts?

And what is next? Will these young men get cited for a hate crime because they do not want to go out with some man who goes around trying to look like a woman?

Go here to read the story and view the documentary trailer.

If you don't like that source that see it here.

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