Wednesday, 23 March 2016

I Guess Times Have Changed, Huh?

Can you imagine now?

When I was a young teen I attended a very small high school way down east in Washington County, Maine. Hunting and fishing were a way of life there. My uncle was the local game warden. My life, at that time, revolved around guns and the outdoors.

From time to time during hunting season my uncle would take a few hours off work although it was his busiest time of year. He would call me and tell me he would be picking me up to take me hunting after school the next day.

The next morning I would pack boots and heavy socks, gloves and a warmer jacket into a backpack, grab my ammo and my rifle and go out to the bus stop. When Mr. Rideout would arrive with the bus I would show him the rifle wasn't loaded and then board the bus to go to school. Once at school I would walk through the school to the Principal's office where I would leave my gun and ammo in the car of Mr. Honeywell for the day. 

When school was over I would change into my heavy footwear and then go to the Principal's office and gather my rifle and ammunition, go outside and get into my uncle's waiting police car and go off hunting.

This was so common that no one thought a thing about it. I was not the only one doing it. Young kid boards school bus with high powered rifle? No problem. Kid takes gun to school? No problem.

I remember being out hunting on my own one afternoon not too far from home. I got slightly turned around in the woods and wasn't sure where I was but knew if I walked east I would pop out onto U.S. Highway 1 and could get my bearings. Once I popped out of the dense forest and saw I was about 3 miles north of home I decided to just walk down the highway rather than spend the rest of the evening popping brush so off I trudged with my rifle over my shoulder, stock backwards, hanging onto the barrel, and within minutes having a car stop and asking if I wanted a ride. 

Pick someone up carrying a gun? No problem.

I guess times have changed, huh?

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