Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Hands Up In the Name of the Law (Swat Team On the Street)

(from Friday, March 18, 2016)

UPDATE: Almost as soon as we left the house the suspect was apprehended without violence and we were allowed to turn around and come back to the house.
The Mounties always get their man!

I arrived at my parents this morning to find their street blocked off by two police cruisers at both ends. As I turned onto the street a RCMP member stopped me with his hand on his weapon and told me to turn around. I nodded to the folks house and said I am just going there and when that didn't work I told him I lived there. He looked me over then told me to park in the access rode running beside my parents house. I wasn't even allowed to go the extra 20 feet to their driveway.

When I got out of the car he walked over to me and then escorted me to their door. I was told to stay in until I didn't see any more police cars. I told him the dog would need to piss and I was told to take the dog to the back yard quickly. No replies were given when I asked what the hell was going on.

Half way up the street were four or five police cars. I couldn't tell which house they were at - the one next to my folks across the vacant lot or the home beside it. Turns out it is the home beside it. People across the street who would normally have gone to work by now are still at home.

Rumour on the Internet says there is a standoff over an arson a few days ago ....

And now I must cut this short. The RCMP were just at the door. We have been asked to leave. The standoff involves firearms and they have called in a SWAT team from another city to help. They are staging just down the street and ... and who knows. This is Canada they will try to avoid gunfire but if they have to use them they will.

I guess we will be out for a while.

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