Thursday, 17 March 2016

Dancing and Prancing

I arrive at my parents house each morning promptly at 6:55 a.m. pulling into the driveway in the same vehicle, unlocking the front door, hanging up my coat and taking off my shoes. Every morning is exactly the same. 

Each morning their little dog comes flying out of their bedroom barking at full volume until it gets to the top of the stairs where, looking down at me she stops barking and starts prancing and wagging her tail. I start up the stairs and she stays still long enough for me to pat her and scratch her ears and then it is back to their bedroom and their she stays until my mother gets up.

As soon as mother sits up in bed and swings her feet over the edge the little dog comes out into the hallways and dances and prances and turns in circles her tail wagging all the time. The announcement is clear, "She is getting up."

If someone leaves the house ten times a day and comes back the greeting is the same as if they had been gone for a month. 

By the same token if the old folks go out and do not take her the dog sulks. When she sees them getting coats and shoes on she starts the happy dance but if they do not intend to take her Dad will look at her and will just say, "No." The little dog stops in her tracks and goes to her corner and lays down. There she will stay until they come back and no amount of coaxing will get her out until they come home again and then she comes dancing out of her corner all happy again.

Isn't it funny how dogs are so open with their emotions? There is no hiding how they feel. It is all out there in the open.
Anyway, all this made me think this morning. What would humans be like if we expressed emotion as openly as dogs? 

What is we danced with excitement every time someone we loved came through the door? 

Maybe we should.

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