Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Crazy Boy

Tess' mother had a social event last night right at supper time so eating was a bit hit or miss. Tess and Nanay ate a Filipino fish soup and I stopped off at the new, old sushi shop. That is the same sushi shop as it used to be but with new owners and a new motif. The menu is a bit different and while more expensive you get more for your dollar and this restaurant's flavors are tremendous, way better than the previous one.

Since they didn't have the Korean beef dish I was hoping for, Bulgogi, I decided to go with the sushi. I ordered a traditional Ebi roll and a California roll but then decided to bite the bullet and order a Crazy Boy roll.

A Crazy Boy is essential a California roll that has been deep fried and has a spicy/sweet eel sauce.

Oh, my, oh, my. That may have been the finest thing I have ever eaten. The hell with the extra calories. (Actually, the calories aren't bad. About double a regular California roll.)

I am going back to Mini Japan at lunch time and have another Crazy Boy.

The next time you order sushi or are in a Japanese restaurant order a Crazy Boy. You will not be disappointed.

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