Saturday, 13 June 2015

A Very Good Read

A Good Read was a PBS series that featured Maine writers. One of those who appeared on this series was my Uncle "Deed," my father's eldest brother, Gerald E. Lewis noted Maine outdoorsman and author of Up Here In Maine , My Big Buck , How To Talk Yankee , and So Long, Scout . He was also an educator and a Fulbright Fellow.

We have had a copy of this interview on VHS for some time but I refused to watch it. I knew it would upset me since nearly all of my extended family is gone now.

I came upon this on the Internet a while back, however, and sat down to watch it. As I suspected, it gutted me. This is unadulterated Jerry. I miss him very much.

I wish I could embed this but I cannot.

You may watch it HERE if you are so inclined. At 16 seconds into the video there is a picture of two young boys. My father is on the left, Jerry is on the right.