Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Real King of Beers

When I was younger I hated Guinness.

It still isn't my favorite but this Draught isn't too bad. Dark, sweet on the tip of the tongue and bitter on the sides.
It was good for a change but when they say serve extra cold they mean it. Best when it is about 3 degrees C.
I found this quite filling and one was all I wanted. At 4.2% alcohol it is a little light in the buzz department. I don't know if I could drink enough of these to get a buzz. It is heavy on the belly.
I made a seafood green Thai curry for dinner. This certainly wouldn't pair well with that so another reason to limit myself to one ... damn it.
You have to really like beer to like Guinness at all. Most American pilsner drinkers would probably gag.

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