Monday, 15 June 2015

Crazy Bitch

/rant on
There are days I could cheerfully strangle Tess' mother and do the resulting twenty-five to life with a smile on my face. Today was one of them.
Today I had to take her to the doctor because, once again, Nanay waited to the last moment to tell us she was running out of medication and Tess was not available to take her.
This was to be an easy visit. In and out. Renew the 'scrips, get a form for future blood work, and be out the door.
I should have known it wouldn't be that easy. Tess' mother is a hypochondriac. She is pill happy. She loves doctors and the attention they lavish on her. Of course they lavish it on her. They get paid for it. Handsomely. And in our case, from the public through.
At the last moment he decided to check her blood pressure. It was quite high and he said so. Naturally Nanay freaked. I asked him, "White coat syndrome?" He replied "Most likely." (It is well known that a patients blood pressure can rise dramatically simply with the act of a doctor checking it.)
The doctor was unconcerned. He told me to check her blood pressure a couple of times over the next couple of weeks and if it stayed high to bring her back but otherwise not to worry.
Nanay wants to worry. It is her ticket to more doctor visits, more pills, and, she thinks, a different diet. She has already tried to tell Tess the high blood pressure is because we eat too much meat and she needs more fish.
The price of Asian fish is sky high but that is all, and I mean all, she would eat at Tess' brothers. Yes, they can afford it. We can't.
When I was younger I was known to have a very, very short fuse and a red hot temper. I have a grip on that now. In fact, I have more patience than most people but Nanay nearly lit that fuse today.
I rounded on her. No, your high blood pressure is not caused by your diet and we ar enot buying more fish. Your blood pressure is probably not high, I told her, and the doctor is unconcerned. I told her if she was worried about it she could turn the fucking television off, get off her fat ass, and move some.
I hate that woman. I truly hate her.
At the coast she saw Shaun taking Omega 3-6-9 which had been recommended to him by his doctor because Shaun has a heart condition. Nanay decided she had to have it to. Shaun gave her a bottle just to shut her up. Now we are stuck with buying it. Today she had to have more. Life brand was on sale with a bottle of 200 each 1200 mg capsules costing five dollars less than than the 100 each bottle of Weber she wanted ... wanted because that was the bottle Shaun gave her.
I happen to know that Shaun had given her a Weber bottle he had filled with no-name brand from Costco.
I put my foot down and told her "No." They were the same damn thing just a different bottle.
I wish I could convince Nanay that powdered Cadmium was a necessary antidote to high blood pressure. Nothing like a little heavy metal poisoning to shut her up ... permanently.
My mother is facing a very serious, possibly life ending health issue and we are waiting for more tests to be done on that. (No, do not ask. I do not want to talk about it.) Tess' mother is as healthy as a horse, unfortunately, and wants to be sick.
Crazy assed bitch.
/rant off

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