Thursday, 26 February 2015

Who Ruined America?

Until I was 19 none of the homes I lived in had locks on the doors.

Well, I suppose in the interest of complete honesty I need to be accurate. Up until I was 19 we didn't have keys to the locks in any of the homes we lived in so they were never locked. Not locked  by day, not locked by night, not locked when we were away on vacation. They were never locked. It wouldn't have done us much good to lock them anyway. All the locks in those homes were the old skeleton locks. There were only 20 or 30 different skeleton combinations. The keys could be bought in any hardware store and if you didn't know what key you needed you could buy a skeleton master key that unlocked them all.

Locks in those days were only only for honest people. But apart from trusting your neighbours to not come into your home and to be on the look out for anyone strange in the neighbourhood, we didn't lock our doors because maybe a neighbour might need to borrow something when we weren't there.
Everyone had a gun in their home in those days. Maybe just a 22 single shot rife but everyone had them and that, I am betting, gave anyone who contemplated breaking into a house something to think about but people just didn't break into homes in the New England town I grew up in. It was unheard of.

When I was a boy I would be up and out the door in the summer mornings as soon as I was able. I would holler across the valley to Jay Warren and when I got an answer we would shout until we decided where to meet. We might wander to his house at lunch time and be fed by his mom or we might wander to mine but the chances are quite good that on most days neither of our mothers would see hide nor hair of us again until dinner time when the dinner bells would begin to ring out all over the west harbor area.

We spent our days wandering on foot or riding our bicycles throughout the Boothbay Harbor, Boothbay, and East Boothbay area wandering miles from home through roads, fields, forests or ocean. Our parents never knew where we were and they never had to worry about us.
Kids didn't 'disappear' in those days. They weren't molested. They weren't murdered. They weren't kidnapped. Worries of those sorts never entered our parents heads. They just didn't happen. Children were safe.

When I grew up there were no girlie magazines, no naked boy magazines, at the newsstands fueling the unhinged population.

Shopkeepers kept their displays out at night. No one stole them or vandalized them and if some boy should take a notion to try it his parents would have the offender at the store the next morning where he would spend the rest of the summer working for free as penance.

We didn't worry about someone doing a shoot up at a theater. Everyone in town knew everyone else. Our town knew who the perverts (homosexuals) were and they knew they were known and played within the rules by butt fucking only each other. The drunks stayed holed up by day and stayed mostly hidden at night. Everything was bright and white and clean in that New England fishing village. Vandalism and graffiti were virtually unheard of and should a constable catch someone in the act he would walk them down and alley and 'tune them up' before making them clean it up but that was an act so rare it was almost unheard of.

I am not saying life was idyllic but it was a while lot nicer than it is now. We were safer. People, for the most part, were better.

So what the hell has happened? I think I know. I think you know. But I think most of us don't admit it because it would require we do something and we don't want to do it. It is easier to blame everyone else for society's demise than own up to our own part in it.

Who ruined America? You did. I did. We all did with this constant insistence about our right to do as we pleased.

But mostly? Liberal America ruined America. They ruined it first by virtually outlawing God and teaching children that they were accountable to no one but themselves. Then they ruined it more by insisting there was no sin and crime was a result of poverty, or a poor home, They ruined it further by deciding crime needed soft punishment. hen they finished the country off by refusing to accept responsibility for their errors or changing course.

These days parents are punished for letting their children play outside unsupervised. It isn't safe. Who created that problem?

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