Saturday, 7 February 2015

Prince of Peace Tea Company

The weekend starts now.

Earlier I wrote that Tess has declared an indoor day and that was fine with me. It just got off to a late start. I went to market and got what I needed for tonight's meal while Tess prepared a 5 Star brunch. When that mess was cleaned up I went out and took the snow blower to the driveway, called each of my daughters and spoke with them, and then Tess and I watched a two hour Filipino news special about the slaughter of 42 policemen by Islamic militants in Mindanao. The Islamic apologist in chief in the US Whitehouse started drawing down US anti-terrorism troops in the Philippines in July. The Filipinos are in this on their own now.

The news over, Tess has switched to a quiet soothing music show. We are drinking an extremely delightful hot instant honey, ginger drink. Made in China  by Prince of Peace beverage company. Five stars. They get my vote.

I eat food and drink beverages I would have turned by nose up in years past. Tess has trained me and it has opened my world. We North Americans are far too chauvinistic. There is a huge world out there filled with wonderful cultures, tantalizing food, wonderful beverages, delightful customs.

I will go you one further by stating I think our culture is decaying, crumbling, destroying itself and there is little good left in it. 

In any event. I am going to read for a bit then watch a video on Youtube before the Internet speed dies this evening.

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