Saturday, 7 February 2015

Indoor Day

It is cold out and it is snowing. Our winter has returned after what must have been the warmest January on record.

Tess has declared an indoor day. By that she means it is too miserable to go out and she wants to sit and watch television all day which is fine by me. She works hard and needs the rest. Besides, going out would entail her dragging me through the malls and Walmart and it is embarrassing being out in public being pulled along by the ring in your nose.

Tess has said she wants spaghetti for dinner tonight which means I am cooking. I don't mind. I make the absolute best spaghetti sauce and we haven't had it for a while. My mouth is watering already.

I checked and made sure the old folks had something for dinner so I won't worry about them. Mom said to me "Stop worrying. I am a good cook." I told her yes she was but she hadn't done if for two years. It made her laugh. She knows that is true.

Valentines Day in the city is off. I had forgotten that that was the weekend of the B.C. Winter Games and every room in the city is booked. So much for that! We will wait and go south to Kamloops when the weather is a little better.

At some point today I will need to shovel and snow blow the driveway and I have to run to the market for a couple of things but other than that it is an indoor day for me also although if I muster the energy I may walk about the block for a bit.

I will lounge on the Chesterfield, read, dink on the computer, and listen to the MP3 player while Tess watches bad Filipino dramas.

Indoor days in Canada in the winter are not so bad.

February 1, 2015

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