Saturday, 7 February 2015

I Lost My Virginity

Last night was my second night into a surprisingly good book I purchased cheap, cheap from Amazon. I am seldom awake past 10:30 or 11:00 any more but last night I could not put the book down and was trying to finish it. By 1:30 I was still only three quarters of the way through it and had to get some sleep. I reluctantly gave up for the night.

As much as I am enjoying this book and even as cheaply as it was priced I still should not have bought it given the large number of unread books I have bought and then never gotten around to reading. I realized now that can be blamed on my needing new glasses and not on any lessening interest in the printed word but none the less I should be focusing on clearing that backlog which would probably take a couple of years of serious get-to-it-ive-ness.

But, I did buy it, I am thoroughly enjoying it, and I am going to try not to guilt myself too much.
None of this is news of any sort. This is.

Two Christmases ago my oldest daughter got me a Kindle ebook reader. I loved the idea in theory: cheap books, free books, and instant delivery. In practice it worked out differently. It didn't feel right. It didn't look right. It didn't smell like a book. The constant tapping to turn pages was a pain in the ass. Hi lighting a passage was cumbersome. The lack of page numbers frustrating.

Still, I muddled on. I kept trying it.

Last night about midnight as I was reading along I suddenly realized that I was reading without awareness that I was reading from a Kindle. I usually read in bed and accordingly lie on my side towards the lamp on the nightstand. The Kindle is back lit and you do not need a light to read. I found that I had turned over to my other side and was still reading.

A Kindle can solve a lot of problems. Books are a lot cheaper. Kindle books take up no space and that is an issue as I am running out of room. Kindles are light weight and can be taken anywhere.

This may have become an answer to a problem. I can read fiction and light reading on the Kindle and for reading where I need to hi light and write notes I will get a book.

It took over a year of petting and foreplay but I finally lost my ebook virginity last night. It is me and my Kindle for now on.

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