Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Zephyr's 5th Birthday

Sabrina, Mom, Hailey, Christina, Sharleigh, Tess

The Birthday Boy.


Zephyr and Silas.


The cake.

In position.

Getting ready.

All set.

We are singing.

He is ready.

Now! Time to spit all over the cake.

I wan pizza.

Now I want cake.

The boys and me.


Hailey, Sharliegh, Sabrina.

Tess and Mom.

Don't point that crooked finger at me, Lady.

Silas' 5th Birthday

Both Silas and Zephyr turned 5 years old within two weeks of each other. Silas had his party at the local bowling alley.

Granddaughter Sabrina and her father John.

Daughter Amy with the birthday boy Silas.

Granddaughter Sharleigh.

Zephyr and Silas with Acea.




Birthday Cake.

Sleepy already.

Silas and Hailey.

She who thinks she must be obeyed.


Grandson Winter.

Let the games begin.

This guy ate the bowling alley food.


This little girl goes to school with Silas and has quite a crush on him.

Learning to bowl.

It was a gutter ball.

Silas and Dad and little girlfriend.

Tess and Zephyr.


Blowing out the candles.

I am getting tired.

Cool present, cousin. 

What's this?