Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Father's Day Lobster Fest 2014

Father's day was the annual family back yard lobster fest. It was a little smaller this year. My brother's wife was working and  one of their sons lives in southern B.C. My sisters husband was away on business and both of their sons now live out of province. My youngest daughter couldn't come and my oldest had just gotten back from a rush trip to the coast to take Acea to doctors and she was too tired to come and bring her spawn. So it was a smaller group.

And, sadly, this is probably the last one of these we will have. At least here. My mother is failing quickly and I have little hope she will be here next year. If she is gone or incapacitated Dad will not want one here without her. We might get something going at my brother's or sister's or maybe Tess or I could pick it up but they will never be the same again. This was the end of a long tradition.

But I am grateful we have had them all these 40 + years and I am grateful for this one even if it was smaller.

There are not many pictures of the chowing down. It is too dangerous to shoot photos then. You never take your eyes off your butter bowl or else someone might steal  your lobster.

 Silas tried to gross everyone out with a worm.

Tess was tired and not feeling well but she did her job and ate that lobster.

 Abbie dog came. She didn't eat lobster but she did eat spilled shrimp.

My brother signing his IQ. 


Nephew Seth.

Niece Lindsey.

Granddaughter Hailey.

 Son in law John.

The crowd. Well, the small group.

 Granddaughter Sabrina.

Daughter Amy.

 The Stars of the Show.


Dad and Silas

 Mom and sister Margaret.

Kyle and Lindsey



 Silas X 3.


 For the meat eaters.


 Mom knocking one back.

 Let's eat!

Never take your eye off your butter bowl.

You should see the looks on people's faces when these two blond girls call an obviously Asian Tess "Grandma,".