Monday, 16 June 2014

Hoodoos (Photos)

Tess and I took a ride up the hill to Pinnacle Provincial Park to take in the sights and view the hoodoos this afternoon. Because of vandalism you can no longer drive in. You have to walk the kilometer in from the highway.

There have also been two murders here. Not being able to drive in slows down the throwing of bodies off the top into the canyon.

I didn't tell Tess about the murders. I didn't want to give her any ideas.

Tis better to be a happy couple taking selfies.

 Overlooking the city even though you cannot see it.

This is Baker Creek way down below. This is hundreds of feet down. I am using extreme telephoto here.

You can see the city a little better here in the middle.

As you can see. We live in the middle of nothing but miles and miles of miles and miles.

Extreme telephoto again. You have seen pictures of this bridge that I have taken close up.

A wild rose. Nearly as pretty as Tess. Yes, she is watching me write this now.

Baker Creeks way down there.


Indian Paintbrush.