Friday, 13 June 2014

Sorry Assed Bloggers

Some of these Blogster bloggers are the sorriest assed people I have ever seen in my life. Seriously. You need to give your head a shake. Do you invite everyone that shows up at your door and knocks into your living room? I didn't think so.

It seems to be a matter of great consternation among some of the double digit IQ crowd here that I manage my blog the way I want to. Can you imagine my audacity? How dare I do that?

My first day here after having come from Multiply I announced my own rules. I stated that I was not here for heated argument or debate. Yet people kept bringing heated argument and debate to my page regardless of my wishes. So, I started blocking people who did that. Then I was an asshole because I blocked people. Clearly I didn't believe in free speech.

No, sorry, asshats, that is not a free speech issue. You all have free speech. You can speak on your own blogs. Not allowing people to argue and debate on my page is not a free speech issue, it is a freedom of the press issue. I have the right to publish what I want. What I want does not include argument and debate.

I know it will come as a shock to some of you with the IQ of a turnip but I am not writing my blogs for you. Gasp. I know, eh? How shocking!

I write for my family and I write for my real life friends who are here and I write for cyber friends whom I have known, in some cases, for years. I accept few friends requests. Why? Because most of them come from people who are new here, whom I do not know from Adam, or Eve for that matter, and who are usually merely a sock puppet for someone who was blocked for arguing or debating on my page.

I am having difficulty sorting out why this is so difficult for you moronic dipshits to understand.

There is one friend's request I turned down and whom I eventually blocked because I could not determine if they were real or a sock puppet who is now suggesting that people block me.

Hey, you retarded half wit, block me. I already blocked you. And if you mount a crusade to block me do you really think I care? I already set my page to comments from friends only to stop feeble minds like yours from commenting. And people who are my family and my friends are not going to block me and it is them I write for. Doh.

It is a stunning thing, I think. Some people cannot stand not being able to run their gobs whenever and wherever they want. Sorry. Not on my page.

Well, you say I don't want other opinions. No, I probably just don't want your opinion. Not when you rant and rave and argue and are determined to fight and fuss with people on my page. Are you so brain dead you cannot understand that?

Nor am I here to collect friends. But ...

In the skin world, the real world, I do not hang around people I don't like. I know. That is a shocker too. I don't hang around hateful or argumentative people. I am not close friends with people who have widely divergent opinions from mine. I know, I know. That is simply shocking.

Seriously, why would I accept a friends request from someone I do not know who has posted only a handful of blogs?

So, if I block ill-mannered people I am a jerk. If I limit comments to friends only, I am a jerk.

I guess next week I become a real jerk because then this blog goes entirely friends only.

I know, I know. That is still a problem for Quakersloan who finds it a pain in the ass to click here and find she is blocked. Try taking a memory course, dip shit, and remember you are blocked and you'll stop trying.

It is a nice day out or at least here it is. I went for coffee with my friend of over 40 years this morning, Scott. I am going to cook dinner early so I only have to reheat it later for my parents. I am going to do some chores for my elderly parents. I will spend time with my grandson who is staying with me this weekend. I will get in a 10 kilometer walk. I will go have coffee with she who must be obeyed on her break. I will suck a beer in the afternoon and sit in the backyard swing and read.

Some of you need to get the fuck off your computers and get a life. Being online is not life and getting bent out of shape because you cannot comment on my blogs, the blogs of someone you do not know and will never see, is absolute insanity of the highest order.

Please. Get a fucking life.

You Ignorant Putz

You ignorant putz.
Well, using the word ignorant in that sentence is nearly redundant. Someone who is a putz is inherently ignorant.
Putz is my favorite Yiddish word. Most people think it simply means dink. You are calling someone a dink or a penis when you call them a putz and while penis is a direct translation in reality the Yiddish is much richer than that.
When you call someone a putz in Yiddish you are calling them a self made fool.
That tickles me. You cannot get more descriptive than calling someone a self made fool. They are not born a fool. They worked at becoming one.
With that .
You ignorant putz. Who the fuck is "Steven Hawkins?" Any relation to Ronnie Hawkins? And what does he have to do with Albert Einstein?
The ignorance in  the online world is truly stunning sometimes.
I saw this a while back and have tried to ignore it but, holy fuck, Batman, how deep does the stupidity run?
It would be amusing if it wasn't so sad and there is nothing sadder than seeing someone with the IQ of a radish and a highly exaggerated sense of self worth attempting to berate someone else when they don't even know who the hell they are referring to.
The name your feeble mind is searching for is "Stephen Hawking," the theoretical physicist.
Will someone please take this putz's blogging privileges away for a week?

The LGBT Gestapo

Free speech is for us, not for you. You aren't even allowed to have your beliefs. If you express them we will try to have you fired. We will do whatever it takes to shut you up. We are the LGBT Gestapo.
Me? I'm going to go buy another Duck Dynasty book and order a duck call.

Government union wants 'Duck Dynasty' fans fired

By Todd Starnes
A union representing federal employees at Eglin Air Force base in Florida is demanding that two senior management officials be removed from their posts because they put decals on their personal trucks supporting Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson.
Alan Cooper, the executive vice president of the local chapter of the American Federation of Government Employees, said one of the officials also displayed the “I Support Phil” decals in his office last month and offered them to subordinates.
“The BUE (bargaining union employee) was clearly offended and disgusted that a senior management official would display the decal on their pod,” read an email Cooper wrote.
“We took offense,” Cooper told me in a telephone interview. “These two particular individuals have a great amount of influence over individuals who may be gay, who may be African-American – and we have a concern they should not be in a position to exert that influence when it comes to promotions.”
In an email that was sent to union members, Cooper said the Duck Dynasty decal may be a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
“Phil Robertson has made disparaging remarks against a vast array of people, which created a firestorm in the media in the recent past,” Cooper wrote.
He was referring to comments Robertson made in GQ magazine last year about homosexuality and his personal observations about the pre-Civil Rights era. A&E briefly suspended Robertson from his popular reality television show. But the network reversed its decision after they were overwhelmed by supporters of the program. I write about how Robertson and his family were viciously attacked by the media and militant gay rights organizations in my new book, “God Less America.”
Cooper told me he wants the two civilian managers at the Air Force base removed from their positions.
“I don’t know how long these individuals harbored these views – could they have impacted employment opportunities for folks that have been disparaged by the likes of a Phil Robertson,” he said.
Regardless, he wants the Duck Dynasty fans dealt with, noting “it’s definitely 100 percent inappropriate for an organization that espouses a zero tolerance policy” to condone such activity.
“If it’s zero tolerance, it’s zero tolerance for everybody,” he said, referring to the military’s anti-discrimination policies.
I spoke with one of the individuals being targeted by the government union. He asked that I not disclose his name. He rejected the accusations that he was a racist or homophobe because he supports Duck Dynasty.
“My intent was not to offend anybody,” the individual told me. “My intent was to support the show and to show support for his Christian values.”
The individual told me he was especially upset after union workers took photographs of his truck and his license plate and emailed the images to other union members. That email was reportedly sent to hundreds and hundreds of personnel.
“I see the email that went out accusing me and my boss of being racist,” he said. “That couldn’t be farther from the truth.”
“I’m pro-family,” he said. “I’m pro-life. I don’t have a problem with anybody who doesn’t agree with me.”
He said he has absolutely no plans to remove the decal from his truck.
“I’m not taking it off,” he said. “If they want to make me retire early that’s what I’ll do. But I’m not backing down.”
The civilian worker told me it’s a First Amendment issue. He said there are plenty of vehicles on the military base that are plastered with all sorts of stickers.
“I disagree with 90 percent of what our Commander in Chief believes in, but I’m not asking anyone to take (an Obama decal) off their vehicle,” he said. “It’s a freedom of speech issue.”
And that’s exactly what the Air Force believes it is. They investigated the claims made by the union and determined that the two civilian workers were well within their rights to support Duck Dynasty.
“Brigadier General Dave Harris is not taking any action against the individual as the display of such a bumper sticker is considered legally protected speech under the First Amendment,” said Andy Bourland, director of public affairs at the military base.
Bourland also told me they looked into the incident involving the decals in the worker’s office. They also decided not to take action in that incident.
Eli Craft is a member of the union and he told me he is furious at how union leadership handled the incident.
“It was extremely, extremely upsetting,” he said. “The community we live in is a very faith-based community. For someone to say this individual was offensive and if you support him you can’t manage or lead a diverse work place – it blew my mind.”
Craft had nothing but praise for the two managers. He said they are long time veterans of the military and volunteer in the community.
“They are Christians – that’s how they live their lives,” he said.”
And around the Florida panhandle, Craft said there are plenty of Duck Dynasty fans.
“Heck yeah,” he said. “The Duck Dynasty folks represent a lot of the folks who hunt and fish and who are Christians in the panhandle. That family and that program represent a way of life we see here.”
Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, said the government union wants to shut down free speech.
“Could you imagine if someone demanded someone take an Obama bumper sticker off because President Obama is intolerant to orthodox Christian views?” Perkins asked. “Where does this stop?”
He said their attack on the two Duck Dynasty fans is an example of the Left’s intimidation and intolerance.
“They do not want anyone to have a choice to express themselves in a way that counters their own viewpoint and that’s very dangerous to our republic,” Perkins said. “This goes back to the underlying emphasis and goal – not to debate the merits of whether someone is right or not. It’s to shut down the debate. End of story. No discussion.”
For now – the jobs of the two Duck Dynasty fans are safe. It’s unclear at this point what the union’s next step might be. But they should heed this warning. I’m going to be keeping my eye on the American Government Employees Union. And should they try to retaliate against these brave Americans, it’ll be on like Donkey Kong. And that’s a fact, Jack.

Oh, Boy. Oh, Boy. Oh, Boy. Oh. Boy.

Oh, Boy. Oh, Boy. Oh, Boy. Oh. Boy.
The book I ordered, The Dead and Those About to Die - D Day: The Big Red One at Omaha Beach arrived today. 
I want to start this tonight so, so, so badly but I have two must reads ahead of it. Well, maybe I can squeeze it in. I finished one last night so maybe I can put this in its place. I usually read two or three at a time anyway. This is only 356 pages. 
I have 10 year old grandson Winter with me for the weekend. His mom and dad and siblings had to go to Vancouver. His Dad has two appointment's with specialists. I have mentioned before his Dad is dying a slow, very painful death from RSD disease.
Winter was torn whether to go or not but he has two soccer games this week. One tonight at 7:00 and another Saturday. Win is the linchpin of his team and without him they likely could not win. Winter has a lot of loyalty. He gave up the trip to the city so he could stay and play.
And yes, he is just that good. He has been selected to play in the British Columbia summer games and the scouts for that used Winter to show other players how to do things. He has also been looked at by a professional scout who has already told my daughter he will be watching Win and when he is in high school will want to move him to Vancouver to train with a view to a professional bid when he is 18. Amazing, eh?
So, I've fed him a light dinner and we will be off to the soccer pitch soon. He is a good boy. Quiet. Helpful and no trouble. I am just afraid he will get bored around here. We aren't exactly a ball of fire and being in town we don't have the farm land he is used to to run around on on his motorcycle or in the quads, and no place to shoot his bow and arrow, etc.
I am sure he will be glad to get home when his folks are back.

The World at War - Episode 4 - Alone in Britain

The World at War - Episode 4 - Alone in Britain

The World At War EP-4 Alone in Britain by waja100