Monday, 10 March 2014

Turning the Basement Into A Swimming Pool

Saturday night as I was preparing to cook dinner for my parents the old couple next door invited them over for Chinese food at the last moment. The are 95 and 86. My parents both 82. They have become friends late in life. Suddenly I had no one to cook for and not wanting to cook for myself I just grabbed a pizza. Tess had already made plans for the evening with her mother so I decided I might as well do the usual and stay at the old folks for the night anyway.

My sleep has been off lately. Sleepy early in the evening I tossed and turned once I turned the light off. About 12:30 I was finally just falling asleep when I heard a pitter patter of tiny feet. I turned the light on and their was my parents little Pomeranian staring at me. I spoke to her and she laid down and suddenly I realized I was thirst I went into the basement cold room for a bottle of water and there were none there. I remembered I hadn't put it away the last time I bought it so I snapped on the basement light, located it, and was reaching for a bottle when suddenly my feet were wet. I looked left and water was pouring in under the basement door from the garage. I yelped, ran up stairs to wake up the male parental unit, then ran back down, dressed, and got the wet/dry vacuum out of the garage. While I vacuumed up gallon after gallon of water Dad found the source.

Spring has come very quickly here. We have gone from twenty below to daytime highs of 12 above. Snow is rapidly melting everywhere including from the roof. The down spout at the corner of the garage came off the outward run and water was coming off the roof onto the ice right beside the garage wall and running in the garage door before dropping into the basement. It was nearly 3:00 before the problem was resolved and the water mopped up. By then I couldn't get back to sleep. I kept getting up to check the basement and then going outside to make sure the temporary fix was directing melt water away from the house.

There is nothing like turning your basement into an indoor swimming pool.

By yesterday night I was exhausted and went to bed about 10:00. I woke up this morning with Tess shaking me and asking if I was okay and was I going to get up. I looked at my watch and it ws 10:00 in the morning. I haven't slept in that late in years and years. I felt like a sluggard. I suppose I needed it.

Today was delightfully warm again. I have started walking again. There is a lot of weight to get off this year.

Putin vs. Obama

What did Obama say to the people of the Ukraine?

What did Obama say to the people of the Ukraine?

If you like your Crimea you can keep your Crimea