Thursday, 30 October 2014

Snow Tires

I spent the afternoon getting the winter tires put on the car. Apparently I was illegal. Scott informed me we are supposed to have snow tires on by October 1. I thought that was only for commercial transport. Ooops. When did they change that law? Well, I am legal now.

But it really steams me up. It takes them all of 20 minutes to mount, balance, and install a set of tires and with taxes that task comes to $97.22. That is a pretty good hourly rate for mere labor.

Okay, it can snow now and I won't worry about Tess.

Now I need to put the sandbags back in the back of the truck for my traction.

Adobo manok for dinner tonight (adobo chicken). Tess made it last evening and it was leftovers this evening. You haven't lived if you haven't had the national dish of the Philippines. It is even better the second day.

I have had a blistering headache all day today and it is on the verge of making me vomit. I missed a blood pressure pill last night but I don't think that is it. I am about to take two magic bullets but am trying to wait to later i the evening because they will knock me out.

Oh, well, I get these from time to time. Usually this is a consequence of the tumor in my head. It is also a reminder to get my yearly MRI scheduled. Time to see if the tumor has been naughty of nice in the last year.

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