Thursday, 30 October 2014

Out To Lunch

I took mother out to lunch today. For the last two weeks she has been angry and bitter and upset about being bored. "I am bored out of my mind," she says. 

I shouldn't wonder. All she does all day is sit in her chair. She doesn't read, doesn't watch TV, doesn't do crafts. She just sits from sun up to sun down. It is one of the consequence of Ahlzeimers. 

I have tried to get her out but most times she complains it is too cold or she doesn't want to go. I have planned this for a couple of  days now though by telling her of a huge sale at one of the supermarkets and telling her "I needed her to go with me.' I think it was the part about my needing her that sprung her lose from her chair.

So this morning we were off to Save-On-Foods to buy the canned goods they had on sale. Mom didn't do much. She didn't even make any suggestions once we were there. She just followed after me as I filled the cart until right at the end when she asked why we hadn't gone to the meat section. We didn't really need any meat from there but I followed her to the meat section and she picked out a roasting chicken and some ribs. I put them in the freezer when we got home.

She also wanted a bone in pork loin roast and they didn't have any so I took her to another store and we got one from there. 

The last stop was to the bakery for a loaf of bread and suddenly mother wanted to go out for lunch. I wasn't hungry but I was not going to tell her no. The whole idea was to get her out and get her occupied so we went to the restaurant where Tess is the chef. 

Sitting at the table as we went through the door was a man I hate more than anyone in this world. He caused me more harm and hurt than anyone ever has and at one point in my life I threatened to kill him and I thoroughly intended to do so even after the RCMP came to talk to me and tell me I couldn't say things like that little alone do them.

I eventually decided to allow him to live. That was a long time ago but he still makes my blood boil. 
Today I was able to walk by him without my customary 'Fuck you, Asshole, and we were led to our table and once there I didn't think about him again.

You have no idea how big an improvement that is in my life. In the past I was rather hot headed and even more so when it came to this individual. He is lucky he is still in the land of the living.

Lest you think I am exaggerating, you don't know me. Ask Scott.

In any event we had a nice meal and mother ate more than I have seen her eat in months. Tess came out of the kitchen and hugged her and talked for a bit and mother has spent the rest of the day saying how nice her day was, how nice it was to go to lunch with me, and how we need to do that more often. I guess we need to do just that.

Tomorrow is mother's weekly outing with my sister. Margaret takes her out once a week to a local spa to be primped and prettied, nails done and hair washed and set. It's a girl thing. Margaret also takes her out to lunch.

Hopefully we can get some of the boredom out of her system here.

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