Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Keep Smoking Dope, Dopes

From the October 6th edition of The Vancouver Province, and syndicated around the world, an article by Drs. Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen.

Not that I have ever met any brain-dead pot heads or anything.

Pot Legality Doesn't Mean It's Smart to Use

October 6, 2014

With clever names like Peace of Mind, Girl Scout Cookies, Train Wreck and Tsunami, it's a good bet that the marketers of legal marijuana finished high school.

That's less certain for their younger customers.

New research shows daily marijuana use before the age of 17 cuts your chances of graduating from high school or getting a college degree by 60 percent. And that info's just the tip of the joint.

Now that marijuana is legal for recreational use in Washington and Colorado, and for medical purposes in 19 other states plus the District of Columbia, scientists are able to study the drug more closely.

The result is an outpouring of data on marijuana's formerly unknown or underappreciated risks.

One new study found that 40 percent of cannabis-using adolescents receiving treatment for substance abuse report symptoms of withdrawal - a true marker for drug dependence (addiction).

And kids are eight times more likely to use illicit drugs later in life if they smoke marijuana regularly.

Another study found that adolescents who smoke pot daily shed an average of six IQ points by adulthood; points you're not getting back, and that can mean the difference between an engaged, rewarding life and not!

Just because the drug is legal in some places, doesn't mean it's smart to use it. As Derek Jeter says: "If you have dreams and aspirations to be successful, drugs and alcohol are only going to alter those dreams. Try to stay away from them and find something more productive to do with your time."

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