Thursday, 30 October 2014

I Ain't Doing Nothing For Nobody

The last two weeks have been long. Very long. I am worn out. Tess and I made our flying trip to Vancouver for a long weekend. I never rest well in someone Else's home to begin with and more so at her brother's. This is not to mention the long drive there and back. 

When we got home there were a lot of chores to get caught up on and by the weekend my parents wanted to go to the city so I took them up, shopping, and back. I spent the rest of the weekend doing Tess and my chores.

In the middle of last week Tess' nephew came up on the bus for a job interview and aptitude tests and I spent the week carting his ass around and baby sitting him while still having to do things for the old folks. He didn't leave until Saturday. Then it was back to chores here.

I am worn out.

Tomorrow morning I am making a pea soup that will last the old folks for two days. I have one chore for Dad that needs doing. Then I am going for coffee with Scott and after that, God willing, I am not going to do anything for anyone until Friday. Nothing. I am going to finish off my own ironing, do a quick grocery shop, then sit on my ass all week doing as little as I can. I am going to chew Ativan like they were Pez and stay buzzed for three solid days.

Unless someone dies or there is a desperate situation involving my children or grandchildren I am not doing anything for anyone the rest of the week.

Selfish? Yes, you bet your ass. It is my mental health week.

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