Thursday, 9 October 2014

Drinking Beer With Muhammad

Tess and I are leaving for the lower mainland Friday. We will return home on Monday. I am dreading this trip. I am getting so I loathe her family. There is no more manipulative selfish, dysfunctional family in all of Canada. Tess' family sets a bar for fuckedupedness that no one can surpass and that is without the damned gay parade I will have to endure all weekend. Yes, yes, I know. You of progressive mindset far removed from the realities of gay family members think that gay people are like everyone else. They are not. And that adds a whole new dimension to the stupidity I will have to endure this weekend and which has started already.

Tess' mother just called telling her to bring her glasses down with us. Tess started to scout the house until I made her stop. I specifically saw her mother take them the last time she visited. She didn't leave them here. Nanay is scamming for new glasses so she is telling them down there she left them here and when we don't produce them then they are lost and someone will have to buy her new ones. Once they do the old ones will show up. This has happened before. Nanay doesn't need new glasses. She wants them.
She pulled this on us with her dentures. She had to have new teeth. Her old set was only two years old but, she claimed, they didn't fit her. We took her to a denturist who checked her out in spite of Nanay refusing to cooperate with him. He told us there was nothing wrong with her teeth.

This is just two examples. I could go on page after page. The rest of the family get their stupidity from Nanay.

As soon as we get there I am calling Imo and suggesting a beer run. With luck I can keep him around for the weekend and we can stay drunk.

It is amazing. The only one I can get along down there is a black, African Muslim.

Don't mind me. I am just blowing off steam. I loathe that bunch of brain dead, selfish, freaks who allow themselves to be manipulated by Tess' mother and the butt fucking bunch who get everyone to do what they want by throwing money around.


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