Thursday, 30 October 2014

Dreams and Visions

I am sorry. I just do not buy it. Well, I mean, I bought the book, I just don't believe what the author is saying.

I am not a 'supernatural' person. I do not believe in ghosts, faeries, little green men or any other apparition. If you tell me you have seen a UFO and by that you mean a flying saucer from space I am going to suggest you seek medical help. Tell me a story about ghosts and I will call for help for you. I'm sorry. There is no evidence for these things. Zero. Zilch, Nada. I do not buy it.

Please understand. I am not saying that God could not have performed miracles in the past. I am not saying God could not perform miracles now. Let's face it, if God be God then He can do whatever he wishes but even if you attempt to explain the supernatural by means of the miraculous you face a problem. Miracles by their very nature are rare. If miraculous events occurred regularly they wouldn't be miracles, would they? If they occurred regularly they would be every day events and if every day events they would have a reasonable non supernatural explanation.

Dreams and Visions by Tom Doyle is not the only book in this vein. Several have been written and make the same claim that hundreds, thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of Muslims are coming to Christ as a result of visions they have of Jesus. Tom Doyle recounts dozens of stories of Muslims becoming Christians because of these dreams.

Don't get me wrong. I have heard Doyle speak. He seems like a nice guy. I am not saying he is lying. But he is relying on the subjective stories of others to write this book. Therein lies the problem.

If Muslims were becoming Christians at the rates recorded in this book they would be having an impact on the countries they live in even in the dangerous and murderous Muslim lands of the Middle East. And, quite frankly, if Christians in Jordan or Iran or Iraq or Syria were to witness with the openness and boldness recorded in this book they would be dead in minutes.

This book is heartwarming. This book is interesting. This book is sad. I just do not believe a word of it. I'm sorry. The Isa of the Qu'ran is not the Jesus of the Bible and Muslim dreams and visions leave them with the same flawed view of Jesus until they are able to meet a Christian who sets them straight. Dreams and visions like these do not, in my opinion, lead to salvation nor are they likely to run into another Christian with understanding who can set them straight. With the number of books being written that are like this it seems to me this is just the flavor of the day in the Christian book publishing world.

Your mileage may vary.

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