Thursday, 30 October 2014

Baby Pictures

Baby pictures.

Yes, I know. That title just invites hits to the blog. And they are not all baby photos. Just a few snap shots from Tess' nephew's son's birthday when we went to Vancouver three weekends ago. But Brennan is pretty cute.

Tess' neice Sahara. She is far cuter than she is well behaved.

Muhammad (actually Iraan or Emo). We got in a few beers together.

Emo and his wife Kim.

Brennan's birthday party was held in a Chinese restaurant.


Brennan will fall asleep anywhere and with anyone. I've no idea who this is.

Tess and I with Brennan. Brennan is my buddy. He is fond of me.

Tess and the birthday boy.


And again.

Once more.

Roy with Brennan.

Blowing out the candles.

She who must be obeyed (she thinks).

Tess and Nanay.

Tess and Marlyn. It was Marlyn's 29th birthday too.

Marlyn and whats-his-name. Curtis. I was just kidding, Curtis.

Tess again.

And again.

 And again.

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