Thursday, 18 September 2014


We awoke this morning to the news that there is a tentative agreement between the government and the B.C. Teaches Union that has kept 40,000 teachers off the job and 500,000 kids out of school for the last two weeks of last year and the first two weeks of this year. All over British Columbia parents are breathing a sigh of relief.

Grandson Silas has been being looked after by his sisters throughout the summer and until now. They both have dentist appointments today at the same time. I am on Grandpa duty giving them rides to their appointments and babysitting Silas for an hour while they are being tortured.

Silas will be 5 next month and would be mortified if he heard that someone was 'babysitting' him. We'll just tell him he is spending time with me for an hour today.

This is the same time Tess and I coffee every work day so after I drop his sisters off Tess and I will coffee in the park where Silas can run around. Tess has packed cookies for him. Chocolate chip. Enough of those and Silas will soon have a dentist appointment.

With the teachers strike all three of the young grandchildren, Silas, Zephyr and Gracey will start Kindergarten. Silas turns 5 next month and Gracey and Zephyr turn 5 in November. That seems to young for them to be going to school but that is the way it is these days, I guess.

I got around to taking the air conditioner out of the window this weekend. I should have done it last week when it was so cold. I didn't think much cool air was getting in through it but apparently I was wrong as the house was much warmer with that thing gone. Hell, we might get another two or three weeks before we need to touch the furnace of gas fireplace off.

There may be another week left in summer officially but not in reality. It is mighty cool in the mornings here now. Come autumn in this country the rivers throw off a heavy fog at night and it is terribly foggy these mornings. When it is cool enough all that fog becomes a heavy frost. It won't be long. I hate the next 6 months.

Scott (Diablo76) is away on vacation so I have no coffee date this morning. I may have to go to Timmie's, get a coffee, and ride around by myself.

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