Thursday, 18 September 2014

A Note About Blogster

Just wondering. Don't shoot me. It is just a question. If you had to write a blog posting without it being about someone else on Blogster could you do it? Obviously this does not apply to all of you but just as obviously it does apply to too many of you.

Seriously. Are you people this sick? This dysfunctional? Do you have anything to say that doesn't involve other bloggers here? Are you incapable of posting something that isn't an attack on another blogger?

You really need to give your heads a shake. If you cannot blog without the bickering and naming names and calling names then log off. Holy f*&k.

If you cannot comment on someones page without it being about that person then take up a refresher course in Kindergarten.


  1. Sounds like Blogster has not changed since I left-too negative over there for me

  2. It is actually better in the last week. A while raft of the trouble makers, haters, and argumentative half wits have left and are spewing their hate in a new place. With any luck at all they will stay gone.

    In any event it is much nicer lately. Come on back once in a while, eh?