Friday, 13 June 2014

You Ignorant Putz

You ignorant putz.
Well, using the word ignorant in that sentence is nearly redundant. Someone who is a putz is inherently ignorant.
Putz is my favorite Yiddish word. Most people think it simply means dink. You are calling someone a dink or a penis when you call them a putz and while penis is a direct translation in reality the Yiddish is much richer than that.
When you call someone a putz in Yiddish you are calling them a self made fool.
That tickles me. You cannot get more descriptive than calling someone a self made fool. They are not born a fool. They worked at becoming one.
With that .
You ignorant putz. Who the fuck is "Steven Hawkins?" Any relation to Ronnie Hawkins? And what does he have to do with Albert Einstein?
The ignorance in  the online world is truly stunning sometimes.
I saw this a while back and have tried to ignore it but, holy fuck, Batman, how deep does the stupidity run?
It would be amusing if it wasn't so sad and there is nothing sadder than seeing someone with the IQ of a radish and a highly exaggerated sense of self worth attempting to berate someone else when they don't even know who the hell they are referring to.
The name your feeble mind is searching for is "Stephen Hawking," the theoretical physicist.
Will someone please take this putz's blogging privileges away for a week?

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