Tuesday, 24 June 2014

This Is the Face of Ahlzeimers

Jesus wept.

When I arrived at my parents to cook dinner this evening my mother told me that my middle daughter Amy had called and that I was to be at her house at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow to take pictures of my granddaughter Hailey. Hailey is escorting some young lad to the graduation ball and I am to photograph them in their finest.
During dinner mother told me I would need to hurry to get to Amy's on time to take the pictures. I reminded her that she had said it was tomorrow at 3:00.

With a huff in her voice mother said she had told me no such thing. I was to be there this evening. Father interjected that she had told him 3:00 tomorrow also. This made mother angrier. She had not said that she insisted. I was to be there tonight.

I knew better. Grad is always on Friday. The ball on Saturday.

I called daughter Amy to confirm 3:00 tomorrow. Amy said no, I was to be there at 1:30. Nothing had been said about 3:00. By 3:00 Hailey would be gone. She had told her grandmother to come down at 1:30 and to make sure I knew to come then to take photos.

All this upset mother more. Why had Amy told her I was to come tonight when it was tomorrow?

A few minutes later she asked me who would be doing Hailey's hair. I told I assumed it would be Amy. Why would Amy be doing it, I was asked. Because she is Hailey's mother. But why not get it done professionally.
I didn't know how to answer but stumbled through the reminder that Amy had been a hairdresser for years. Mom, mad again. replied with a "Whatever!"

As I walked out the door I could hear mother saying to Dad, "He had better hurry if he is going to get there in time to take pictures." Dad told her again that it was tomorrow.

Jesus wept.

This is the face of Alzheimers.

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