Friday, 13 June 2014

Sorry Assed Bloggers

Some of these Blogster bloggers are the sorriest assed people I have ever seen in my life. Seriously. You need to give your head a shake. Do you invite everyone that shows up at your door and knocks into your living room? I didn't think so.

It seems to be a matter of great consternation among some of the double digit IQ crowd here that I manage my blog the way I want to. Can you imagine my audacity? How dare I do that?

My first day here after having come from Multiply I announced my own rules. I stated that I was not here for heated argument or debate. Yet people kept bringing heated argument and debate to my page regardless of my wishes. So, I started blocking people who did that. Then I was an asshole because I blocked people. Clearly I didn't believe in free speech.

No, sorry, asshats, that is not a free speech issue. You all have free speech. You can speak on your own blogs. Not allowing people to argue and debate on my page is not a free speech issue, it is a freedom of the press issue. I have the right to publish what I want. What I want does not include argument and debate.

I know it will come as a shock to some of you with the IQ of a turnip but I am not writing my blogs for you. Gasp. I know, eh? How shocking!

I write for my family and I write for my real life friends who are here and I write for cyber friends whom I have known, in some cases, for years. I accept few friends requests. Why? Because most of them come from people who are new here, whom I do not know from Adam, or Eve for that matter, and who are usually merely a sock puppet for someone who was blocked for arguing or debating on my page.

I am having difficulty sorting out why this is so difficult for you moronic dipshits to understand.

There is one friend's request I turned down and whom I eventually blocked because I could not determine if they were real or a sock puppet who is now suggesting that people block me.

Hey, you retarded half wit, block me. I already blocked you. And if you mount a crusade to block me do you really think I care? I already set my page to comments from friends only to stop feeble minds like yours from commenting. And people who are my family and my friends are not going to block me and it is them I write for. Doh.

It is a stunning thing, I think. Some people cannot stand not being able to run their gobs whenever and wherever they want. Sorry. Not on my page.

Well, you say I don't want other opinions. No, I probably just don't want your opinion. Not when you rant and rave and argue and are determined to fight and fuss with people on my page. Are you so brain dead you cannot understand that?

Nor am I here to collect friends. But ...

In the skin world, the real world, I do not hang around people I don't like. I know. That is a shocker too. I don't hang around hateful or argumentative people. I am not close friends with people who have widely divergent opinions from mine. I know, I know. That is simply shocking.

Seriously, why would I accept a friends request from someone I do not know who has posted only a handful of blogs?

So, if I block ill-mannered people I am a jerk. If I limit comments to friends only, I am a jerk.

I guess next week I become a real jerk because then this blog goes entirely friends only.

I know, I know. That is still a problem for Quakersloan who finds it a pain in the ass to click here and find she is blocked. Try taking a memory course, dip shit, and remember you are blocked and you'll stop trying.

It is a nice day out or at least here it is. I went for coffee with my friend of over 40 years this morning, Scott. I am going to cook dinner early so I only have to reheat it later for my parents. I am going to do some chores for my elderly parents. I will spend time with my grandson who is staying with me this weekend. I will get in a 10 kilometer walk. I will go have coffee with she who must be obeyed on her break. I will suck a beer in the afternoon and sit in the backyard swing and read.

Some of you need to get the fuck off your computers and get a life. Being online is not life and getting bent out of shape because you cannot comment on my blogs, the blogs of someone you do not know and will never see, is absolute insanity of the highest order.

Please. Get a fucking life.


  1. good post Ken-one of the reasons left blogster-too much drama over there and I didn't need it

    1. Trust me. It has gotten worse.

      I am glad you are here, Kathy.

    2. me too, I like it here, I am on fb now too-not super crazy about it, but keeping up with a few friends not here
      How have you been? how are your parents?