Friday, 13 June 2014

Oh, Boy. Oh, Boy. Oh, Boy. Oh. Boy.

Oh, Boy. Oh, Boy. Oh, Boy. Oh. Boy.
The book I ordered, The Dead and Those About to Die - D Day: The Big Red One at Omaha Beach arrived today. 
I want to start this tonight so, so, so badly but I have two must reads ahead of it. Well, maybe I can squeeze it in. I finished one last night so maybe I can put this in its place. I usually read two or three at a time anyway. This is only 356 pages. 
I have 10 year old grandson Winter with me for the weekend. His mom and dad and siblings had to go to Vancouver. His Dad has two appointment's with specialists. I have mentioned before his Dad is dying a slow, very painful death from RSD disease.
Winter was torn whether to go or not but he has two soccer games this week. One tonight at 7:00 and another Saturday. Win is the linchpin of his team and without him they likely could not win. Winter has a lot of loyalty. He gave up the trip to the city so he could stay and play.
And yes, he is just that good. He has been selected to play in the British Columbia summer games and the scouts for that used Winter to show other players how to do things. He has also been looked at by a professional scout who has already told my daughter he will be watching Win and when he is in high school will want to move him to Vancouver to train with a view to a professional bid when he is 18. Amazing, eh?
So, I've fed him a light dinner and we will be off to the soccer pitch soon. He is a good boy. Quiet. Helpful and no trouble. I am just afraid he will get bored around here. We aren't exactly a ball of fire and being in town we don't have the farm land he is used to to run around on on his motorcycle or in the quads, and no place to shoot his bow and arrow, etc.
I am sure he will be glad to get home when his folks are back.

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