Thursday, 17 April 2014

Everybody Is Talking, Nobody Is Listening

I had a friend once, at least for a short while, that talked and talked and talked. He went on and on. He could damn near talk the stripes off a zebra. It was like watching the energizer bunny in action.  He was a a great talker. World class. But he wasn't a conversationalist because he didn't stop talking long enough to listen to what anyone else was saying. 

I thought of him this morning as I tried to log into Blogger and found it still wasn't working. You can post a blog but you cannot read anything. This has been ongoing since yesterday showing us once again how much the owners care about their users but I digress.

The fact that you cannot read anything hasn't stopped some people from posting, however. Quite a few, in fact. They log in and post their blog never noticing no one can read it. Or they notice and do not care and post anyway.

They remind me of my former friend. For these bloggers it is all about the talking, not the conversation. They talk whether anyone is listening, whether anyone can listen, or not. That, friends, is a metaphor for the troubled age we live in. Everyone is talking, demanding, screaming, but no one is listening. It has become all about getting your own message out.

You see this everywhere. On Blogster and other blog sites. On Twitter. In forums. In Amazon book reviews where hundreds chime in to write reviews of books they clearly haven't read but which they take exception to. We see it on television, in political debates, in Congress. Everywhere people are talking whether anyone hears them or not. 

Oh, to be sure, they would like an audience but the hubris, the arrogance is so great the assumption becomes that someone must be listening to them because they deserve to be heard or the narcissism is so huge that they do not even notice that no one can hear them.

Welcome to the post modern age where the medium is the message and the message has no content and your truth trumps their truth so long as you never listen.


  1. good post-I haven't had that problem here - thank goodness

    1. Blogster is going for a shit .... Again. And no one is doing anything.

  2. Lol, I've been watching. I even posted twice - just titles!

    1. Am beginning to think Blogster is broken for good this time. No word from Rica. I knew I should have gotten my stuff off and gotten more email addresses.