Saturday, 8 March 2014


Walking through the Red Bluff Indian Reserve yesterday I saw a clean, nice, newer Kia Magentis stuck in a mud bog just off the road. I called the RCMP and asked if there had been any reports of a stolen Kia. There had been. I gave them the plate number. It matched. I told them where it was and they said they would send an officer.

Normal car owners don't run their own cars through mud bogs on Indian Reserves.
In this part of the world if a car has been stolen the RCMP first search the Kluskus Reserve, then the Nazko Reserve, and finally the Red Bluff Reserve. The odds are about ninety percent that the stolen vehicle will be found there and usually trashed. 

You can call that profiling if you want to but I call it good police work. If the odds are ninety percent the stolen car will be found on an Indian Reserve they might as well get there fast and hopefully get there before it is set on fire, maybe even get the theif.

i have a police scanner I listen too from time to time. Several times a day dispatch will send a car to deal with a public intoxication. Listening one hears:

Prince Charlie 5

Charlie 5 Prince
(Dispatch calling out the C5 patrol car and patrol answering)

DIP at corner of xxxxx and xxxxx

10-4 Prince

DIP is police code for "drunken Indian prison."

Oh, it's terrible, isn't it? Searching reserves for stolen cars. Sending squad cars to pull a piss drunk Paiute out of the street by referring to them as DIPs. 

There are several reasons for alerting the officer that he is dealing with a DIP but it goes over the heads of those who want to see racism everywhere.

A couple of days ago in Paris an Iranian man attacked a Jewish Rabbi and his son with a box cutter (shouldn't they be outlawed?) while screaming Allah Akbar.

I kid you not, the news article goes on to say that police are trying to establish a motive. 

Are you freaking shitting me? The motive was they were Jews and he was a Muslim. It is as simple as finding a stolen car on an Indian reserve,

I swear we have become so politically correct we've become foolish.

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