Saturday, 8 March 2014

North To Alaska

Some of you will recall that back in October or November I wrote about being reunited with my youngest daughter, Rebecca, with whom I had been estranged for a very long time, and also of meeting my three year old granddaughter Gracey for the first time.

Since then I have seen Rebecca and Gracey once or twice a month. In the beginning we spoke on the phone about that often as well and exchanged a couple of emails a month. It was a difficult reunification and it took a lot of patience.

Now we speak two or three times a week. When my cell phone rings I always get a thrill when I see who is calling. Rebecca lets Gracey dial and talk first and it makes my heart sing when I hear that high pitched little girl voice say, "Hi, Grampgramp." We talk while she jabbers about what is on her mind while Rebecca stands in the background and repeats what I don't understand. When she runs out of steam she hands the phone to her mother and says, "You talk to him now, Mom."

Tonight Rebecca was trying to explain to Gracey that I was her (Rebecca's) father. Gracey insisted otherwise. "No, Mom, he is my Grampgramp." 

Yep. I am. And a proud Grampgramp at that.

The estrangement was greater than just between Rebecca and I. It was also between her grandparents, my parents, and her. That reunification has taken more time and required more patience as Rebecca has moved slowly within her comfort zone but tomorrow morning I am driving my 80 year old parents north to the city to be reunited with their granddaughter and to meet this great grandchild, Gracey, for the first time.

I am very, very happy.

(posted to Blogster May 14, 2013)

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