Saturday, 8 March 2014

How Well Does It Go With Your Family?

I cooked my elderly parents dinner this evening, washed the dishes and put things away and then washed the kitchen floor. After, I went to the market for a few things they needed and then put Dad's car into the garage because he had left it out. I got everything locked up and secure and then went for a walk. 

A short while ago I went upstairs to check on them. Mom was getting ready for bed. She wasn't going to sleep, just going to watch television in her room. She and Dad have different television tastes so he watches in the living room and she in the bedroom although most nights she will fall asleep by 8:45. I will go up later and check on her, take her glasses off, and turn off the TV. I do that so regularly I doubt father even knows she falls asleep with her glasses on and the TV going. 

We have almost lost my mom several times in the last three years but she is on a rebound right now. Her cognitive functions continue to worsen but her physical health is improving. Tonight I was teasing her about the outlandish pyjamas she was wearing and she got to laughing. It is so good to hear her laugh.

I drove to the park by the river today and started to walk the river front trail. I hadn't gone twenty paces when the thougt struck me that I hadn't heard from my youngest daughter since Monday night and that I should call her this evening and see how things were. I hadn't walked another twenty paces when my cell phone rang. It was my three year old granddaughter Gracey, my youngest daughter's child. "Hi, Grampgramp" and then a steady stream which I caught only part off. It doesn't matter. Gracey just wanted to talk and know she was being listened to so a few comments while she babbled along were sufficient. Her needs were met and I am thrilled to hear her voice even when I don't understand what she was saying. When she finished talking her mother and I spoke about two kilometres worth.

Tuesday I took my oldest granddaughter for an ice cream after school and listened to her teenaged angst. It made us both happy, her to spew and have someone listen and me to have this wonderful child to listen to. Wednesday her mother, daughter Amy, came up to give me a haircut. She brought three year old grandson Silas with her. I chased Silas through the house and he squealed and giggled as we wrestled in the floor.
This afternoon Tess, her mother, and I were sitting at Tim Horton's drinking coffee. I looked up to see daughter Amy in line getting a cup. She saw us and came over to talk for a moment before going back to work. It always brightens my day when I just happen to run into family when I am out. This is a small community so it isn't infrequent but it is always heart warming.

When I got to my parents my mother was on the phone talking to Rebecca, my youngest spawn. This hasn't happened in a long time and is a sign of another wound healing. Rebecca originated the call - the excuse being that Gracey wanted to talk to Nana (my mother). The truth being that Rebecca wanted to talk to her grandmother and this time needed the excuse to do it. Next time she won't need the excuse.

I called my oldest a short while ago. I haven't seen her in a week. She is busy studying for her Masters Degree. She'll need to come to town this weekend at some point and has promised to stop by so I can see her and the other three grandchildren. 

I don't have much money but money really doesn't mean much. It doesn't buy happiness. It can only buy the illusion of happiness so long as you can keep your head up your ass. But in family? In family I may well be the wealthiest person on earth and seeing and spending time with my family makes me very, very happy.
Utimately family is all we really have in life. Don't you have someone in your family you need to call and tell them you love them? Maybe get off he computer and do it.

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  1. Hi Ken, I have pretty much given up with blogster-the owners don't care anything about the workings of that site-if you set your profile to accept emails-than it is easier to communicate here-I have the comments on my blog go into my personal email-and then if you accept emails-then I can comment back to you that way-that is the best way to stay in touch with friends here-

    1. They lost over a years worth of blogs this last time. They say they will get them back but this is why I am busy putting my stuff over here again. If they come back I will have them all here eventually. I don't thing Google will lose them.

      I will look at setting my profile the way you say. If I can't figure it out I will be back to you.

      In the mean time, my throw away account is electriczen2001 at yahoo dot com