Saturday, 8 March 2014

How Should We Then Live - Episode 1 - Francis Schaeffer

Nearly everyone knows that German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche famously, or perhaps infamously, said that God was dead.

What few know, because that is the depth of their knowledge of Nietzche, is that he went on to say that having killed God mankind would endure the bloodiest century in his history and then slip into a universal madness. Nietzche was quite prescient with his first prediction and the second appears to be coming true as well.

From every corner we hear the chorus that there are absolutely no absolutes. The madness of that logical fallacy going over the heads of its proponents, apparently, as the complete intolerance of those proclaiming tolerance permeates an increasingly sick culture of death and moral decay.

When all absolutes are abandoned society becomes absolute and the outworking of that can be seen in Treblinka, Sobibor, Auschwitz, Belzec or in the Soviet gulags, or Cambodia or perhaps in the streets of East Los Angeles or a house of horrors in Philadelphia where screaming babies slip past the hands of an abortionist to land on a table where scissors are driven into the back of their necks, their spinal cords cut, and their squealing  silenced all to the applause of the moral degenerates who insist it is a woman's right to choose.

Nearly everyone admits to seeing society going to hell in a hand basket but they refuse to see their own part in it, or admit it to themselves, or give up their own behaviour that is fueling the trip.

In the 70's and 80's friends were reading and listening to a philosopher and theologian in Switzerland named Francis Schaeffer. I in my hubris and intellectual conceit declared him a third stringer, a light weight philosopher, a minor league theologian unworthy of my time.

I was completely, thoroughly, and abjectly wrong. Schaeffer was a towering intellect who was years ahead of his time. He identified in the 60's, 70's, and 80's the seeds of our destruction that are now washing over us like a tsunami.

Over the next ten days I am going to post the ten half hour episodes of Schaeffers monumental series How Should We Then Live.I know I am talking into a void or, at least, Schaeffer will be. At best one, possible two of you will stick with it to the end because until you see the beginning you cannot understand what Schaeffer is saying at the last and if you do not get what he is saying then you will have no idea how to stop the slide and we will continue to slouch towards Gomorrah both individually and corporately.

How Shall We Then Live: Episode 1: The Roman Age

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