Saturday, 8 March 2014

Eating A Ham Sandwich With Muhammad

 (Posted to Blogster April 22, 2013)

Families are complicated these days.

Me? I am your typical WASP, white Anglo-Saxon Protestant although my maternal grandfather was Jewish. I live with an Asian woman, a Filipina.

Tess' brother is a gay Filipino. His partner is a white, Jewish South African doctor, Shaun. Shaun's sister, a white, Jewish, South African woman is married to a black, Muslim South African man, Imran, or, Imo/

I am quite outspoken about Islam. It is a damnedable religion of death. There is no such thing as a 'moderate' Muslim. If a Muslim is faithful to Islam he will be a radical. If he is not radical, he is apostate.

Now, having said that, Imo is the nicest one in that entire crew and I quite look forward to seeing him when I make it to the coast. We have a good time together.

Imo and Kim just came back from visiting 'home.' Imo was telling me how great it was to see his two daughters, his mother and father, and his friends. In fact, he made a point of going to the mosque for prayer so he could catch up with the guys he went to school with. He had a great vacation and while his daughters have changed their minds about joining their parents here in Canada he has made his piece with that. He said they were happy, both are engaged to very good men, and they are living in a very securely guarded housing complex.

Now if you caught the opening line here you might have caught the bit where this black, South African Muslim is married to a white Jewish woman. That should have been a clue that Imo is not your conventional Muslim.

Indeed, while Imo may attend a Mosque at home to meet friends he has never attended one in Canada
I know all this because we talked it over while drinking a few beer.

Wait a minute, you say. Muslims don't drink.

Like a said, Imo is not your conventional Muslim. We always have a few beer together when we see each other. I always look forward to it. Imo is a great guy. I consider him a friend, not just part of my odd extended family.

There is a limit to Imo's unconventional nature, however. Now matter how many times I offer I can't get him to eat a pulled pork sandwich. He draws the line at pork. He does always laugh and thank me for my hospitality though.

Oh, well, he is probably healthier for it.

We may not agree on bacon for breakfast but we do enjoy each others friendship, we both love Alexander Keith's beer, and we both agree that those radical Imans should be shot.

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