Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Ain't So Nice

Today isn't so nice.

The last two days were beautiful, beautiful. Clear sunny skies. Warm enough to ho out without a jacket.

While it is above freezing, 4 degrees (39F), there is a breeze and the sky is grey and lowery and now it is spitting snow. Great. I was hoping for another warm, sunny day to help offset my lousy mood.

The only looming bright spot is that Nanay, Tess' mother, goes back to the coast in two weeks for at least six months and, if there is a God in heaven, longer. I know Tess will miss her mom and that is a shame because her mother treats her like dirt. I will be glad to see her gone so Tess and I can have  a life again.

Well, actually, that isn't the only looming bright spot. Daughter Rebecca and granddaughter Gracey are coming down on Sunday for a week. On Sunday Tess is having a birthday party for Nanay and while that would usually be a pain in the ass this will be a special occasion for me. My mom and dad will be there along with my three daughters and all seven of my grandchildren. That will be the first time I will have had my entire family together at the same time in years and years and you have no idea how much I am looking forward to that! If I think of that warmth maybe it will dispel the gloom outside.

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  1. sorry you are still getting snow Ken-we had 75 degrees today-so I was out raking leaves etc. but tomorrow we will drop 30 or 40 degrees.
    that is hard to have someone stay in your house for a long time-I couldn't do it any more-not after what we went through last summer with friends were supposedly helping out-