Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Brisk. Very, Very Brisk

It is a balmy minus 23 here this morning. That is an improvement over last night when it was this temperature with a brisk wind taking it down to minus 34.

Bowron Lake Provincial Park

It seems we will be getting real winter here for the rest of the week as night time temperatures are supposed to go down to between minus 27 and minus 30. I am bringing the brass money in for the duration.

Legion Beach

There was a pea soup ice fog in the river valley this morning. That is odd for this time of year. It made driving treacherous. I wouldn't see the road.

Now I am having my first cup of amd wondering which grandchild will call needing something today.

Beautiful B.C.

I finally found an OTC medicine that appears to be helping with this cold. Buckley's is as uniquely Canadian as apple pie is American. Their cough syrup is the most vile tasting substance on the face of the earth. The company slogan used in advertising says, "It tastes awful and it works." Awful is much to mild. But, people who take is says it does work. I tried it once and will never put that in my mouth again.

These days they also make cold pills. I switched from the Sinutab I was taking which didn't work to Buckley's which did. "Buckley's, you rock."

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