Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Americans For the Promotion of Mental Illness

recently posted a blog containing links to several scientific studies on the dangers of using marijuana. These studies were conducted the National Academy of Sciences, the National Institute of Health, and several other equally prestigious institutions. Indeed, the day after I posted it another study came out on the links between marijuana and psychosis.

For my efforts I was solidly attacked. None of these studies proved anything I was told.

I know. Never come between an addict and his drug of choice. None of this is to mention that if you have become a mental whack job because of your drug usage, how would you yourself know? Denial runs deep.
A short while ago the President of the United States, a former pot smoker and cocaine user, assured us that marijuana was no worse than alcohol. Well, that may be the new mantra but it is out of tune with the facts. Today the White House web site has an article saying the exact opposite of what the president said.

Frankly, I can understand the liberals wanting pot to be legalized. They can then dumb down a few million more Americans, make them dependant on government, and get them to vote Democrat. And let's face it, the taxes would help tax and spend liberals offer a whole new raft of entitlements.

I can spot a pot smoker a mile off. I can spot them even quicker in a work environment. Ask Tess about this if you dare get her going.

Tess works in the restaurant industry and the use of pot is rampant. On a near daily basis she winds up sharing her lunch with some hungry co-worker who cannot afford to buy food because they spent it all on pot. A good part of her day is also spent cleaning up the fuck ups of people who have the attention spam of a guppy.

Yes, legalizing marijuana would be a real boon to society.

If this blog or the other one offends you then suck it up, Buttercup. Science is not on your side.

Here is great listening on this very subject from January 29th's VCY America program with Jim Schneider interviewing Dr. David Stevens. Download the podcast and give it a listen

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