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Ann Coulter Nails It ... and the Liberals

I love Ann Coulter.

December 11, 2013
 Whenever liberals are in a tight spot, they adopt the scorched-earth policy of argumentation. With no answer, they start demanding that you define words: What do you mean "liberal"? What do you mean "democracy"? What do you mean "patriotism"?

They retreat from argument, burning the English language as they go.

Accustomed to playing the role of Soviet commissar censoring the news when it comes to black violence, the Non-Fox Media are in a panic now that the alternative media can post videos of young black males punching out random strangers.

As a result, liberals are denying the "Knockout Game" exists by refusing to understand the meaning of basic words, such as "game" and "trend."

Knockout Game-debunkers place great significance, for example, on the fact that the assailants have not signed affidavits calling it a "game."

Thus, The New York Times noted that in one recent case of a random stranger being knocked out by young black males, "the attacker insisted the assault was not part of any organized 'game.'"

A 78-year-old woman is punched by a young black male for no reason, and the Times' central point is: "Perp says it's not a 'game.'"

Similarly, in Philadelphia magazine, Stephen Silver said of two recent knockout attacks in Philadelphia that he wasn't counting either one as "confirmed cases of the Knockout Game" on the grounds that the puncher said he "was not participating in the Game."

Until the assailants admit they're playing a game, liberals say the Knockout Game is a "hoax."

Obviously, it doesn't matter what the participants call it. I don't know anyone who calls himself a "pundit," but that doesn't mean people don't go on TV and give their opinions. Every liberal denies he's a liberal, but that doesn't mean "liberals" don't exist. (Would that it were so!)

While we're on the subject, I can't think of a single instance in which someone has admitted to committing a "hate crime," but liberals are always calling things "hate crimes."

The Huffington Post concluded that the Knockout Game was "fabricated" based on one of the most famous victims, James Addlespurger, denying that it was a game. Instead, he calls his knockout an "assault," saying "game" is just a "label."

Hey, you know what else is just a label? The word "assault." "James Addlespurger" is a label. Another expression for "label" is "word" -- meaning, "something liberals try to blow up whenever they're about to be trapped into admitting the truth."

As Sgt. Tom Connellan of Syracuse, N.Y., patiently explained to the Times, it's called a "game" because there is no other motive for these attacks. They're not done for vengeance, robbery, gang initiations or payback. Strangers are being punched out strictly for amusement. Also, there are rules. You get only one punch to knock someone out.

(Incidentally, the reason the Times was quoting a policeman from Syracuse -- in an article questioning the reality of the "Knockout Game" -- is that two recent knockout attacks in that city were fatal.)

We don't need anyone to admit that it's a "game" for it to be so. Doing something for no reason other than having fun is a "game."

What do you mean "fun"? One man's fun is another man's torture!

This is how parents waste half a million dollars on their kids' educations. Instead of learning how to make a point, their kids are learning how to end communication by denying the meaning of words.

Liberals also seem unfamiliar with the word "trend," mocking the idea that the Knockout Game constitutes one.

I guess it depends on what the meaning of "trend" is. ("Trend," "game" and "is" -- three words liberals can't understand when they're lying.)

For this, we again turn to the Old Gray Lady, Trend Spotter. Over the years, the Times has identified "trends" in "eating oysters," "honesty" in home furnishings and pocket-watch tattoos.

In none of these cases was the identification of a trend subjected to the exacting analysis the Times employed to deny that the Knockout Game was a "trend." (Say, was the wanton violence by Democratic Party offshoot the Ku Klux Klan a "trend" or more of a "fad"?)

The Times even helped push the bogus idea in the 1990s that black church burnings were a "trend" -- which turned out to be a complete lie. This led to one of Bill Clinton's more colorful lies, about his "vivid and painful" memories of black church burnings in Arkansas in his youth.

(After a massive investigation involving the state historian, the Arkansas NAACP, the Regular Arkansas Baptist Convention and the Arkansas Black History Advisory Committee, it turned out no black churches had been burned in Arkansas.)


Grandmother Liked Show Tunes and She Wasn't Even Gay

Soon after my grandfather died when I was 10 or 11 my grandmother began having me spend the night with her every Friday night. There was a time when I was young and foolish enough to think this was because she was giving me a treat. I now realize that I was her treat, company in a large house grown suddenly too quiet and too lonely. I would stay until Saturday afternoon when my cousin Elizabeth would come and spend Saturday night with Grandmother staying until late Sunday afternoon. Thus the two of us would fill my grandmother's weekend.

I have a lot of memories of this period and I will share them sometime but it deserves a blog post of its own (I wrote one once but it is now lost).

Fridays after school I would walk home with grandmother. She taught school in the same grammar school I attended. Grandmother would change and then we would walk over to the town across the footbridge that spanned the harbor. We would go to Porter's Drugstore where I would get a five cent fountain coke while grandmother did whatever it was she did there. We would go to the post office and then to the library. I would gather four or five books. The rule at Grandmother's was I could stay up as late as I wanted if I was reading and read I would. From the library we would go to dinner and then wander back across the footbridge to home.

Once home I would lose myself in my book and grandmother would sit sideways on the couch with her feet up in front of the snowy black and white television pulling in it's signal from Portland. Over fifty years ago. I still remember WGAN, WCSH.

Soon after Grandfather died my youngest uncle bought one of the first stereos, a table top version, which, him being unmarried, he placed in my grandmother's home, his home when he was on leave from the navy. He also bought dozens of records and brought dozens more home on every leave. Even at my young age I couldn't help notice this was a rather insipid collection of music for someone as cool as my uncle. Amongst the Perry Comeau and Nat King Cole albums was the sound track to every musical ever produced.

Of course I didn't realize until he married and left home and left the stereo behind that it was actually bought for my grandmother as was all the music.

The music of My Fair Lady and South Pacific and Oklahoma and The West Side Story and every other conceivable musical filled that quiet, old home with sound on the nights my cousin and I weren't there. All those years later and I still know the scores to all those old musicals as well. They are indelibly embedded in my mind.

Friday night though ....Friday nights were for my grandmother's real loves
Relaxed on the couch while I silently read Grandmother would spend Friday evening listening to an entire evening of music. First would be Sing Along with Mitch. Mitch would be followed my The Perry Comeau Show and after Perry came my grandmother's favorite, her secret love, Andy Williams. Grandmother loved Andy best of all and I knew that when Andy was on I had best not make a peep.

I thought of this the other night. I wandered upstairs to find father turning in to a PBS special on the best of Andy Williams Christmas shows featuring clips through the years of performances of Andy, his brothers, his family and his guests. Frankly, I was enthralled. I stood and watched for a few moments and then made to sit on the couch I was standing in front of.

Suddenly, sharply, father said, "Kenneth! Watch yourself. Don't sit on your grandmother."

I laughed a short laugh as a tear gathered in the corner of my eye. Truth be told a tear gathered in his as well.

I have often said I do not watch television and I do not. That was the first show I have seen in years but that night I watched that entire Andy Williams special sitting in the living room with my father and my grandmother who somehow was there also.

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Ice In the River

Tonight's overnight low was supposed to be minus 17. At 8:30 p.m. it is already minus 19 (-2 F). I think it is getting cooler than they said.

I hate winter.

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Selfie? Who Knew?

Selfie? Who knew?

So the Oxford Dictionary people have chosen "selfie" as word of the year. I don't understand the 'word of the year concept' nor why anyone would want to enshrine flash-in-the-pan jargon in the hallowed Oxford Dictionary but that is a different topic.

I freely admit I do not follow the whims of modern culture. I am completely disinterested. I don't care. Nor am I prone to taking pictures of myself. That concept seems like narcissism in the extreme.

But let's be honest here. 'Selfie' is not a word one would immediately associate with a picture. All this time I thought these people were talking about masturbation.

Study Finds That Students That Cheat Prefer To Work In Government

I am shocked! Shocked, I tell you. I mean, who'd have thunk it?

I think this also might explain liberals who think other people's money is there's.

HT Wintery Knight

New study finds that students who cheat prefer to work in government over private sector

What’s in your government? reports on a new study that explains what kind of people prefer to work in a government monopoly.

College students who cheated on a simple task were more likely to want government jobs, researchers from Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania found in a study of hundreds of students in Bangalore, India.

Their results, recently released as a working paper by the National Bureau of Economic Research, suggest that one of the contributing forces behind  could be who gets into government work in the first place.

[...]Researchers ran a series of experiments with more than 600 students finishing up college in India. In one task, students had to privately roll a die and report what number they got. The higher the number, the more they would get paid. Each student rolled the die 42 times.
Although researchers do not know for sure if any one student lied, they could tell whether the numbers each person reported were wildly different from what would turn up randomly – in other words, whether there were a suspiciously high number of 5s and 6s in their results.
Cheating seemed to be rampant: More than a third of students had scores that fell in the top 1 percent of the predicted distribution, researchers found. Students who apparently cheated were 6.3 percent more likely to say they wanted to work in government, the researchers found.
“Overall, we find that dishonest individuals – as measured by the dice task – prefer to enter government service,” wrote Hanna and co-author Shing-yi Wang, an assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

They added, “Importantly, we show that cheating on this task is also predictive of fraudulent behaviors by real government officials.”
The same test, given to a smaller set of government nurses, showed that those who appear to have cheated with the dice were also more likely to skip work. Previous studies suggest that the bulk of such absenteeism is fraudulent, Hanna said.
Aside from the armed forces, most people who go into government go there because they want to have a secure job that they cannot be fired from no matter how poorly they perform. They want to be insulated from market forces and free trade. They don’t want to have to do a good job and please customers in order to get paid. Naturally, people who cheat on tests and lack qualifications are attracted to unionized industries like government for these reasons.

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Chocolate Midnight Cake Is In the Oven

Chocolate Midnight Cake is in the oven.

This recipe has been in my family for over a hundred years. It came from my great-grandmother who go it from her mother. I love the "old-timey-ness" of this. And it is a great cake!

1-1/4 cups sugar
1/2 cup shortening

2 eggs beaten
1 tsp vanilla
1-1/2 cups flour
1 tsp soda
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

1/2 cup cocoa

1 cup hot water

Into batter and stir until smooth

Then Pour:
Into greased, floured cake pan
Cook in 350 deg oven until done.


When cool top with peanut butter icing.

THe Christmas Candle

Yes, I Know

Night time snack .... Cinnamon toast on raisin bread. Washed down with a tall glass of cold milk.

Yes, I know. Eat your hearts out.

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I Never Did Believe It

Once? Maybe. Twice? I dunno. Three, four more? I don't believe it. Turns out I was right.

When the first story came out I thought, okay, in this crazy world we live in it might be true but then the stories kept coming and coming and coming and I knew it was bullshit just like the Matthew Shepherd hate murder turned out to be bullshit.

This hit the news late last week.

Story of homosexual refused tip yet another hoax
A New Jersey couple is reportedly disputing a story that made headlines nationwide about a gay waitress who was left a note criticizing her “lifestyle” instead of a tip, claiming their receipt shows they did leave a tip and didn’t write the note.

Dayna Morales, an ex-Marine and server at Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater, said she received the offensive note on a November 13 receipt. “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I don’t agree with your lifestyle and how you live your life,” the message read.

The couple, who asked to remain anonymous, contacted the media after the story went viral and produced a receipt that was apparently printed at the same time, on the same date, for the same amount, except with an $18 tip.

A manager and the restaurant owner insisted they had the original ticket for the $93.55 charge, but would not produce the receipt and could not explain why the family’s credit card was charged for more.

The restaurant later said in a statement it was aware of the allegations and had no comment pending an internal investigation.

Story also here at NBC New York.
And here at FOX.

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Higher Education

Higher eduction (not to be confused with the excellent science fiction novel by Charles Sheffield.

There is nothing like an Ivy League eduction, I guess.

"I'll take the Shoah for 2000, Alex."

"The answer is, the left."

"What end of the political spectrum did the Nazi's fall on?"


Harvard University student journal writes that Jews deserve to be punished for killing Jesus

By: David Ross
A Harvard University student journal has caused uproar after writing that Jews deserved to be punished for killing Jesus.

Now, a Christian paper run by students at Harvard University, has apologized for publishing an article written by an anonymous writer, who wrote that Jews deserve to be punished by God for killing Jesus.

The article was published on the website of Harvard Ichthus on Wednesday. It was removed and republished on Friday.

Ichthus editor in chief Aaron Gyde published an apology on the website on Saturday, on behalf of the editorial board of the journal.

"First, we apologize for the poor editorial oversight of the publication and republication of that article," Gyde wrote.

"It was not the intention of the writer or the website to present a piece that is anti-Semitic in nature," he also wrote.

The article was titled "Why us?" And it was written by a Jewish convert to Christianity. The author has asked to remain anonymous due to potential personal attacks.

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Presidential Pardon

As expected, President Obama pardoned the White House turkey today. Once the pardon was signed he then placed the turkey in charge of Obamacare.

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Second Verse Same As the First

The second verse is the same as the first.

Look, I am not on a crusade here. This second story just happened to pop up on the National Post yesterday after I posted the story about the syphilis epidemic in Vancouver's gay community.

Now I don't have a dog in this fight except ... except I in reality I do, and so do you and so does everyone when someone else's sexual behaviour becomes a threat to everyone else's health.

Of course it wouldn't be a problem if people would be responsible, if they were monogamous or at the least practiced safe sex but they do not and increasingly not so in the gay community who has returned to their promiscuous ways and returned to unprotected sex not just in Metro Vancouver,

All of this is also at a time when the gay lobbyists are trying to get the US Government to drop the ban on gay blood donations. Right!

There are 50,000 new AIDS infection a year in the USA and behaviour like this is going to make that number explode.
Just a 'by the way' for you. Statistics reveal that the average homosexual has over 500 lifetime sexual contacts. Wrap your head around that and remember it the next time someone tries to tell you that homosexuality is normal.
I have gay family members and news like this really disturbs me. I worry for them. Especially when I know that at least one of them is not monogamous and thus threatens his partner with a potential death sentence.

Sharp rise in unprotected sex among gay men making it harder to fight HIV spread: U.S. officials

U.S. federal health officials are reporting a sharp increase in unprotected sex among gay American men, a development that makes it harder to fight the AIDS epidemic.

The same trend has recently been documented among gay men in Canada, Britain, the Netherlands, France and Australia, heightening concerns among public health officials worldwide.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of men who told federal health investigators that they had had unprotected anal sex in the last year rose nearly 20% from 2005 to 2011. In the 2011 survey, unprotected sex was more than twice as common among men who said they did not know whether they were infected with HIV.
‘The problem with sero-sorting is that it’s really easy to get it wrong’

.Being tested even once for HIV is associated with men taking fewer risks, whether the test is positive or negative, health experts say. But the most recent survey found that a third of the men interviewed had not been tested in the past year.
The findings are worrying because “unprotected anal intercourse is in a league of its own as far as risk is concerned,” Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, director of the disease centers, said Wednesday as the figures were released.

The data, published in the agency’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, do not explain why unprotected sex has risen so rapidly, but a leading hypothesis, Frieden said, is that more men are “sero-sorting” — that is, those who are uninfected (“HIV seronegative” on lab reports) try to sleep only with other men who are uninfected, or who hope they are, or who merely promise they are.

“The problem with sero-sorting is that it’s really easy to get it wrong,” Frieden said.

The CDC suggests that sexually active gay men be tested at least annually.

‘It’s like what the Red Queen said to Alice: You have to run faster and faster to stay in the same place’

.The number of new HIV infections in the U.S. has been static at roughly 50,000 per year for many years, although public health officials are trying to bring it down. Among the factors working against them: The U.S. population is growing, and infected men are living longer and staying sexually active thanks to antiretroviral drugs.

“It’s like what the Red Queen said to Alice: ‘You have to run faster and faster to stay in the same place,’” Frieden said. “When you go from one million infected to 1.2 million, you have to do better and better just to stay steady.”

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What the Hell Happened To the Concept of Safe Sex?

What the hell happened to safe sex? Responsibility? Have people learned nothing? Apparently not in Vancouver where health officials are calling the current syphilis rate in Metro Vancouver an epidemic. Indeed, across Canada a disease that was once rare has exploded over the last few years but no where more so then in Vancouver's gay community.

Yes, you heard that right. The gay community. The community that has been devastated by HIV and AIDS have syphilis rates of epidemic proportions. And sadly, these are the numbers that they are seeing. The real number of cases will be higher.

But here is the real frightening phenonema that is not being reported. Where there is an increase in one kind of sexually transmitted disease there is an increase in others and many, like HIV, often go undetected for years. Indeed, studies show that 1 in 5, that is 20%, of sexually active gay and bisexual men have HIV and of that number fully 50% of them do not know it.

Read the story below and do the math. It should scare you to death if you are gay. Hell, it should scare you to death if you are straight.

Syphilis Rate Soars in Vancouver Gay, Bisexual Communities

The Canadian Press

Published Monday, November 18, 2013 2:46PM PST
Last Updated Monday, November 18, 2013 7:56PM PST

VANCOUVER -- The syphilis rate in Metro Vancouver has reached a 30-year high, prompting a new campaign aimed at eliminating the disease.

Vancouver Coastal Health medical health officer Dr. Reka Gustafson said Monday that syphilis rates are at epidemic proportions, especially in the Lower Mainland's gay and bisexual communities.

In 2012, there were 371 cases reported in B.C., most of those with the disease were gay and bisexual men.
 A new campaign is warning gay and bisexual men that syphilis rates are at epidemic proportions in the Lower Mainland. Nov. 18, 2013. (Vancouver Coastal Health)

The sexually transmitted disease is highly contagious.

If left untreated, syphilis can lead to blindness, hearing loss, neurological problems and in severe cases can be fatal.

Vancouver Coastal Health launched the campaign to urge people in gay and bisexual communities to get tested regularly and practise safe sex.

The cheeky Internet and poster campaign focuses on Vancouver trends such as French bulldogs, dating apps and syphilis rates at a 30-year high.

Several community agencies work with gay and bisexual men, including Health Initiative for Men, or HIM, and Positive Living B.C.

Jody Jollimore, program manager for Health Initiative for Men, said the campaign educates men in a way that reflects their lives.

"We know that gay and bisexual men care about their sexual health and when given access to appropriate information, (they) make healthier choices," Jollimore said in a news release.

Glen Doupe, an outreach team leader for the B.C. Centre for Disease Control, said people need to get tested regularly because they have may the disease and not know it.
"Syphilis spreads easily through any form of sexual contact so people also need to be more knowledgeable about safe sex practices."

B.C. isn't the only province to see a spike in the number of syphilis cases.

Statistics show that in 2010 there were more than 1,750 cases in Canada, up from the 177 in 1993.

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Song Saturday - Come Away With Me

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Life In the Far North

I drove number two daughter to the city this morning to do Christmas shopping. We took her Jeep Sahara. The roads were as bad as I have ever seen them. It snowed overnight, froze on the road, then got rained on. The first 50 miles were nerve wracking even with four wheel drive. Twenty miles out of town we took a rock to the windshield, right on the edge where the crack immediately ran across the drivers side. This life in northern Canada where you expect to go through one windshield a year and thus why car insurance is so high. No sense replacing this one now until late spring when the rocks have been swept off the road again.

Once in the city we picked up number three daughter and granddaughter Gracey and took them with us while we Christmas shopped. Gracey is usually all over me but today I was ignored as Auntie Amy was the center of attention.

It was pouring in the city and half way back. On the other half to here it was just light rain. Heavy or light it isn't what we need now with the temperatures plummeting tomorrow. We are going to be a sea of ice.
It was a long trip back in the dark. I am tired tonight. Very tired. I am going to put on mu PJ's and lie down on the bed with a book. I am thinking I won't get many pages read.

I am getting too old for white knuckle winter driving and chasing kids and grandkids around  malls.

The First Scientific Invention

This is inspired by a post by Robinsgroove.

What was the first scientific invention?

When God took a rib from Adam and made a loudspeaker.

The Fastest Way To Insanity

Tess' mother is on her iPad doing FaceTime with her grandson and great-grandson. Tess is on the phone talking to her brother. Every one in a while they try to talk louder than the other. You'd think one of them would go to another room, but no.

I am about to fuck them both up and call my daughter on my cell phone.

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The Fun Has Begun

After a day of torrential rain in the north and mixed rain and snow here on Saturday the arctic express came roaring in. Sunday the temperatures plunged and a wind tore through here with sustained winds of 30 kilometers and hour and gusts up to 45. It was right nippy outside.

Monday the winds began to subside and were gone by evening which was welcome considering that it dropped to minus 16. The mercury is supposed to continue dropping throughout the week. The forecast seems to change hourly but the consensus seems to be that night time lows will be minus 21 until next Tuesday. Crap! That doesn't bode well for the rest of winter. It is early for a cold snap and it has been a long time since we have had an extended period of it.

Over in the flat land in Alberta most of the highways are closed in the southern half of the province as they batttle a blizzard.

The fun has begun.

Friday morning, barring minus 40 temperatures and/or a snow storm, we will be heading for Vancouver for a long weekend. Tess' nephew is getting married on Saturday - legitimizing baby Brennen, I guess.
Maybe there will be a sliver lining in the clouds and Tess' mother will stay there. There is always hope isn't there?

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This Is Shocking and Grim

This should scare the crap out of you. It should especially scare the crap out of you if you are gay and, yes, I have forwarded this to both of my borther-in-laws and my nephew.

You may recall two of my posts last week. One was about the epidemic proportion of syphilis in gay men in Vancouver and the second was about the sharp rise in unprotected sex among gay American men.
In the first of those articles I stated a startling statistic that is seen in billboards all over British Columbia from our Center for Disease Control and which is available anywhere on the Internet: Twenty percent of sexually active gay and bisexual men have HIV and of that number fifty per cent do not know it.

One would think that it could not get more grim but it does. I will have a closing comment at the end of this news story.

CDC: 62% of Men Who Know They're HIV Positive Have Unprotected Sex With Men

( - Sixty-two percent of American men who know they are HIV positive continue to have unprotected anal sex, according to data released last week by the federal Centers for Disease Control.

This data, which was published Friday, came from the federal government's National HIV Behavioral Surveillance System.

The percentage of self-aware HIV-positive men who engage in unprotected anal sex has been increasing, according to the CDC. In 2005, 55 percent did so. In 2008, 57 percent did so. And, in 2011, 62 percent did so.

"Unprotected anal sex is a high-risk practice for HIV infection, with receptive anal sex having the highest risk," said the CDC report. "Unprotected anal sex also places MSM at risk for other sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. Although condoms can reduce the risk for HIV transmission, they do not eliminate risk and often are not used consistently. Some MSM attempt to decrease their HIV risk by engaging in unprotected sex only with partners perceived to have the same HIV status as their own. However, this practice is risky, especially for HIV-negative MSM, because MSM with HIV might not know or disclose that they are infected and men's assumptions about the HIV status of their partners can be wrong."

Did you catch that?

  Sixty-two percent of American men who know they are HIV positive continue to have unprotected anal sex.

That should boggle your mind. I know it does mine. These people are so selfish they risk giving a death sentence to their sex partners soley to satisfy their sexual desires regardless of the consequences to anyone else.

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A Steady Stream of Hate Crime Hoaxes

There is getting to be a steady parade of hate crime hoaxes with people using these alleged crimes to gain notoriety or to gain an advantage or to promote the LGBTQ agenda (look at how many of these involve LGBTQ).

This is an extensive list but it does not mention the most notorius hate crime hoax at all which is the Matthew Sheperd murder which brought a rush of hate crime legislation but which is now known to have had nothing to do with his being gay - indeed his murderer was his sometime lover.

Hate Crime Hoax Exposed at Vassar College

Former Fix assistant editor Robby Soave has published an investigative report on a series of “hate crimes” at Vassar College. Turns out, it was all an elaborate hoax, carried out by the left-wing leader of the school’s official “Bias Incident Response Team.”
This fall semester at the liberal arts college in New York saw a curiously high number of bias incident reports. On Nov. 14, the college sent a mass email to students advising them that Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT) had received at least six reports in the last few months of hateful and insensitive messages being scrawled and spray painted on student residences. Messages included “Avoid Being Bitches,” “Fuck Niggers,” and most prominently, “Hey Tranny. Know Your Place.”

“This is unacceptable and members of our community should be able to learn and work in environments that are free of hurtful expressions and behaviors,” wrote Edward Pittman, BIRT coordinator and dean of the College for Campus Life and Diversity, in an email to students…
Five days after the email was sent, Vassar President Catharine Hill sent a follow-up email announcing that the bias incidents were hoaxes perpetrated by two students…
One of those students responsible for the hoaxes, Soave reports, is a self-proclaimed transgendered student who goes by the name Genesis Hernandez, who has now been forced to leave the school in disgrace.
Read more of Soave’s exclusive story at The Daily Caller.

Click here to Like The College Fix on Facebook  /  Twitter: @CollegeFix

And then there is this:

A recent history of hate-crime hoaxes

Racism and hate are real. Hate crimes do happen — some violent, some just threatening.
But unfortunately, there is no shortage of wannabe heroes — who in most cases have never suffered discrimination — actively undermining the cause by committing fake hate crimes, often with the idea of drawing attention to an issue.

The Daily Caller had a piece this week on a recent and especially pernicious hoax at Oberlin College, perpetrated by an overzealous, outspokenly liberal Obama campaigner and his friend. The two young men terrorized their campus with racist graffiti, flyers, and emails sent from a fake address using the name of the university’s president, at one point placing a flag with a swastika in a campus building. The incidents received national news coverage.

Incredibly, once the hoaxers had been discovered, suspended, and removed from campus, university administrators concealed their knowledge that it had been a hoax, leaving other students (and Americans in general) to fear that their campus was a far more dangerous and hostile place than it actually was.

Fake hate crimes are sometimes politically motivated, designed to get a reaction from people and convince them that hate is a really big problem — this is usually done by liberals, but in at least one prominent case (see below) it was done by a conservative. In other cases, the perps have other motives, such as financial fraud or a need for evidence to bolster a discrimination lawsuit.

Fake hate crimes seem especially common on college campuses, where a reaction is almost guaranteed and where the perps are naive enough about the ways of the world to think they can get away with it.
Here’s a brief and partial recent history of hate-crime hoaxes, culled from various online sources including (which contains accounts of several real hate crimes as well) and

Today's High Ain't Grass

Today's high ain't grass.

I'm talking a different kind of high - the minus 15 the thermometer is struggling to maintain as today's warmest temperature. The forecast says that minus 15 will be tonight's low as well. I think there is something wrong there but maybe we will get a break before it tumbles back down over the weekend.

I will be missing that joy as we head to the lower mainland early Friday morning for Tess' nephew Roy's wedding on Saturday. It should be a fair bit warmer in the south.

The problem is that I am not feeling at all well today. Sick to my stomach. Bleck. Ate eggs for breakfast. Hope they weren't contaminated or it will be a long drive Friday. Shouldn't be the flu because I had the shot. My two older daughters didn't and both have been throwing up sick.

I had to take Tess' mom to the hospital lab for blood work this morning and I have to take Tess car in to get the oil changed this afternoon. After that I am going to come back here to my folks place and make sure they have a dinner tonight and then I may collapse here for the night and make sure I get an early sleep and shake whatever this is. I am really feeling chilled as well.

I hate being ill and don't suffer well.

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In A Bathroom? Bathroom? Ewwwwww.

I live in a small community of about 15,000 with another, perhaps, 20,000 in the surrounding 'burbs. In other words, a very small community smack dab in the middle of British Columbia, or, 75 miles from the armpit of the universe.

Last week, visiting the local library, I had to water a horse and suddenly noticed the signs that said the washrooms were under survellience.

Huh? Turns out there are no cameras in the washrooms but there are outside and they are watching who goes in and out and how long they are there.

Why? It turns out they are being used "inappropriately."

In a library? In central British Columbia? You are shitting me.

Apparently not.

A recent tweet pointed me to this article written in a 'gay' online magazine. It makes my head spin.

Everytime I think society in general and gay culture in particular cannot drop any further into the sewer along comes another article proving that we are becoming sexually saturated and completely depraved as a nation.
In a bathroom? Ewwwwww.

LAPD Cracks Down On Gay Hook-Ups Happening At Downtown Los Angeles Library
Reading is sexy. But it’s been getting a whole lot sexier at a Los Angeles library.

The Los Angeles Downtown News reports that LAPD officials have been investigating a “surge of illicit sexual activity” taking place in the restrooms and other public areas at the Richard M. Riordan Central Library in downtown Los Angeles.

So far nine arrests for lewd conduct have been made since authorities launched their undercover investigation in January. They say all the arrests have been for sexual encounters between men, most of which involve one man jerking off while another man watches.
Sounds kinda hot. Although we’re not sure about the whole public restroom thing. Too many germs.

LAPD Capt. Mike Oreb seems genuinely baffled by the bathroom hook-up phenomenon. ”We’ve seen sexual activity in other places throughout the region, parks and public bathrooms,” he told the paper. “[We’re] not sure why anyone’s decided to focus on the bathrooms at the library.”

Dennis Romero, a writer for LA Weekly, says that the downtown library has been a popular gay cruising spot for years.  It even has a page on, a NSFW website dedicated to locating and reviewing public hook-up spots. The library’s profile describes it as the “best cruising location in LA” with “restrooms on every floor.” It also notes that anyone can hook-up there, and “you don’t need a library card unless you are checking something out.”
Something other than another guy, that is.
Full story here:

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This is the 5th post in a series. One more to come.

Vaginal Knitting ... No, No. Really. You Need To See This.

No, no. Really. You really need to see this. And make sure you watch to the end because when you think it can't get worse, it does.

This folks is art. High art. Performance art. Hell, she'll probably get a government grant to take this on the road.

Ahhhh. There is nothing like watching the decline of western civilization.

Make sure you watch now. Yes, it is 3 minutes of your life you won't get back but, hey, it's for the sake of art. You can read the accompanying article HERE.

I'm Going Home

Once we can get Tess' mother's rotund, lazy posterior out of bed we are getting in the car and heading north. I will be so happy to leave this gay paradise I have no words to express it so I will leave you with some wake up music.

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Is This the Best Response To the Knockout Game?

Is this the best response to the Knockout Game? You bet your ass!

This is an outstanding video of how guns are treated in Switzerland and the effect it has on their society and crime rate. Me? I want to move there.

(Note: This is a clip from a Christian news television show. If the source offends you then I am terribly sorry ... Not!)

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Shaking Hands With A Dictator

"When asked why he would shake hands with a dictator at Nelson Mandela's funeral Raul Castro repled that it seemed like the polite thing to do."

(Ann Coulter)

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And Now the Morning News With ZenOfKen

I keep the iPad on the nightstand when I sleep at night so I can read the news and look at the weather when I wake up. There was another alert this morning - another snow fall warning. Right! This storm is the gift that keeps on giving.

The street Tess and I are on got cleared last night, no doubt do to my rampage at city hall. Getting to my folks this morning was another matter. The intersection between them and the highway has not been done and I barely made it through there.

I am glad more snow is on the way. God forbid we should dig out from one storm before getting another.

For the Love Of God Stop Already.

For the love of God, stop!

Depending on the part of town you live in, we have had between 14 and 16 inches of snow so far today and it is still snowing.

In the next 10 days there is another 30 inches in the forecast. Enough already.

Keeping with their tradition of not plowing city streets until the snow lets up the city has made this place a ghost town. People cannot get down town because they can't get out of their driveway. I don't know how I am going to get Tess home tonight. She may have to leave her car at work. Our street is barely passable. I got stuck there 4 times in a half block when I went to shovel the driveway again. If I get stuck, Tess will bury the car.

I stopped at city hall to complain and yell at someone. The only city plow working was clearing their parking lot so their employees could leave. That turned me into a loud, obnoxious, angry complainer. I will be at the next city hall meeting with a delegation. This is the way they used to operate but had gotten better the last few years. Not now.

Have I mentioned how very much I hate winter?

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The Great White North, Damn It.

Good morning from the Great White North.

Our extreme cold weather has broken here in central British Columbia. The return of warmer air is always a mixed blessing here as it nearly always comes with a snow fall.

Today we have extreme snow fall warnings with accumulations of between 8 and 16 inches forecast before tomorrow night. We've already had 3 inches.

I was up at 6:00 this morning fixing the garage door. The battery had died in the opener and once a new one was installed it did not want to register properly. Once I finally had it working I shoveled the the driveway for what will be the first time of at least twice today and then drove up the hill out of town to my parents. Once I finish my coffee I will do their driveway for the first of at least two times today. The next door neighbor can wait until later in the day. I am only going to do theirs once.

For the 91% of the US having below normal temperatures, please enjoy your global warming.

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