Thursday, 4 July 2013

Song Saturday - That's Life

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President Obama Speaking At Democratic Fund Raiser (PHOTO


Father bought some kind of expensive paint to resurface the front steps. My mother commented on how good it looked.

I told her it looked pretty easy to make old stuff look good these days. Then I said she should get out her cosmetics.

Old people can hit hard when their dander is up.

She Who Must Be Obeyed

They'll Probably Court Martial This One

This poor Marine is probably going to get a court martial now.

Viral Photo.

You Do Realize???

You do realize, you do remember, don't you, that before places like Blogster or Blogger or Multiply or even Twitter, etc., most of you nutcases had to leave your crazy thoughts inside your head?

There is something to be said for the good old days.

This Was Seriously Funny

I laughed so hard I had tears running down my cheeks. It was the sort of thing you see on television or Youtube but never expect to experience in real life.
You see, Tess is one of those people who has absolutely no sense of direction nor any sense of body space. She could get lost in a broom closet and she could walk up on a feeding Grizzley Bear without ever knowing it.

Every time we got off the elevator at the hotel at Harrison Hot Springs she turned in the wrong direction to go to our room. Most times I would call her back but occasionally I'd let her walk off by herself. She never self-corrected until she noticed she was by herself.

Anyway ...

There are three outdoor pools at Harrison (and two indoor). There is a regular swimming pool, an adult pool kept at 104 degrees, and a family pool kept at 96 so the kids don't overheat. We spent most of our time in the adult pool but the morning of the second day Tess wanted to walk over to the family pool. So we strolled over. I was looking at the mountains and talking to another couple while Tess wandered about. All of a sudden I heard a KERSPLASH and a non-family-pool expletive and looked down to see that Tess had walked right off the edge and into the pool.

I fell apart laughing. Tess was trying to get her feet under herself to stand up and I couldn't offer any help I was laughing so hard. People in the pool were casting dirty looks at me which just made me laugh harder and then looking with concern at Tess but by this time even Tess had seen the humor in it and was laughing.

Nothing damaged although Tess' bathrobe and towel were wetter than normal.

Dead. Dead. The Witch Is Dead.

We left Kamloops this morning for the drive to Harrison but first stopped at Minter Gardens. Tess had me take a kazillion photos there but I am absolutely exhausted and do not have the energy to upload them tonight.

We got to Harrison around 4:00 p.m. It is a dog of a place as you can see from the one photo below.

Harrison Lake at Harrison Hot Springs.

This lake is much larger than it looks. It wanders for 40 miles through the mountains.

One here and havng explored the hotel we hit the hot springs. By this time I was tired and cranky and the springs were wonderfully relaxing until Nanay got on my nerves. I finally waited until she stood up and then tripped her. When she went under water I jumped on her back and held her under until there were no more bubbles.

After that it was more relaxing still.

I am going to go to bed now. Tess is out searching for her mother. They'll find her when the night shift clean the springs.

I'll blog more tomorrow.

On the Road Again. Central British Columbia. (Photos)

At the last minute we decided to leave a day early so we packed up and left. Then fifteen minutes out of town we came back because Tess insisted she hadn't turned the coffee pot off. Of course she had so then we left again.

Lac Des Roches

Lac Des Roches

We drove south on Highway 97 to just south of 100 Mile house where we cut across the province on Rt. 24 to Little Fort and the down Yellowhead Highway 5 to the interior city of Kamloops.

Little Fort

Little Fort

North Thompson River, Barrier, B.C.

We arrived in Kamloops at 5:30 p.m. and got a room before heading for dinner at Ned Kelly's Road House. That, of course, occassioned an argyment because Nanay wanted Chinese. I said I'd go home before eating Chinese. I was tired of Nanay insisting on Asian every time we we ate out and since I was paying she could eat Canadian or she could go hungry. She opted for Canadian.
Riverside Park, Kamloops, B.C.

Kamloops sits at the beginning of the Great American Desert. Normally this time of year it would be 100 degrees here. Today was freezing assed cold.

North Thompson River

Mt. Paul

You Know Who

It's 8:00. Do you know where the kids are?

Of to Harrison Tomorrow.

My Heart Is Broken. Not!

Awww, Geee. My heart is broken. Not!

This is an example and we all need to sit up and pay attention to this. The end of America is not here yet. Good people do not have to accept the "inevitable."
A couple of days ago I posted a piece on the conformism of gay marriage. It is a great piece. If you haven't read it, you should. I know there are any number of you out there who thinks gay marriage does not affect you or your marriage. You are wrong. It does. And when I am back from vacation I may start posting why that is so.

But the point of this post is different. You see, I do not believe for one moment that there has been this sudden shift where the majority of people have started to accept this perversion that has been promoted and pushed by elite liberalism. I think they have just conformed. They have given up. They have not fought back because they didn't think they could win.

That, as we shall see, is wrong. You can push back. You can win. Morality is noy lost. You simply have to stand up.

Gay marriage, a foregone conclusion in Illinois, was just turned back. Grass root organizers, with a $120,000 budget, ended the push for gay marriage in the most liberal and Democratic state in the Union. They ended the push that was supported by the mayor of Chicago, the governor, and for which the President personally campaigned.

Take heart, you do not have to accept perversion.

The Train Is Coming

"A moral society is a free society. Without morality, freedom is impossible. Since moral laws are legislated by moral people and private charity, civility, and community originates from moral people, a free country depends on moral people. When society's morals dissipate, governmental tyranny will be on the next train."

Kevin Swanson

The Second Mayflower