Thursday, 7 February 2013

What A World, What A World. They Shoot Horses Don't They?

Yesterday was ... three days worth.

My mother had a nurse coming to the house in the morning who works with people with cognitive dysfunction. I was up early and off to my parents house to make sure the house was spic and span for the visit.

After lunch I dropped my father off at the doctor. He had a cold a couple of weeks ago and used up all his emergency supply of steroids and antibiotics. He has bad COPD and has to have a supply on hand. The cold came back, worse than before, and he is barely able to breath.

After dropping him off I took my mother to the dentist. At 80 bone loss has taken its toll. She was having two front teeth removed and a partial  plate put in on the same day.

I took a moment to take a coffee to Tess but that was interrupted when father called to say that his doctor wanted him to go to the hospital for a nebulizer treatment so I dropped Tess off at work early and picked Dad up and took him to the emergency ward.

Mother's dentist was just across the street so I walked over to check up on her. My sister works there so I told her to look after mom and I would look after father. I left to drop father's prescriptions for antibiotics and steroids off at the pharmacy and then back to the hospital. The nebulizer hadn't helped and they were doing a chest xray. I left to take granddaughter Sabrina to soccer and to pick up some groceries for my parents.

While I am in Safeway my sister calls to say my mother is done and is tired of waiting for me. She wanted to be picked up and go home. I said I could pick her up but she wasn't going home as father wasn't done yet (we no longer allow my mother to stay alone if her day has been at all confusing as she becomes rattled). While picking her up to take her to the hospital waiting room Dad called to say he could go home and where was I?

I picked him up and then left he and mom in the car while I went back to the pharmacy to get his prescriptions. We didn't get home until 5:30. While I tried to cook them dinner Dad kept going off about the medication instructions because he didn't understand them. I finally told him he wasn't a fucking doctor. he didn't need to understand them, he just needed to take them. During that discussion I burned dinner.
My mother wasn't going to be eating anyway so I threw some fish sticks in the oven and opened a box of semi-instant scalloped potatoes. There, eat that or go hungry.

I got back to Tess' just moments before she was home from work. She had an altercation with a co-worker and was steaming mad. I was the sounding board. I got to bed around mid-night.

It is morning again. I am back at my parents. My father is sicker yet. The medication will take a couple days to kick in. In the meantime I have to convince him to sit in his fucking chair and stay there. If he doesn't do anything he can breath. It is when he exerts himself that things go south. The antibiotics need a couple of days to kick in as does the Prednisone.

Mother couldn't get her partial in this morning. It is a new apparatus and her mouth is sore. My sister has a day off and came over to help her with it but I decided things were so serious around here that I went to the garage and got a can of WD40, a chisel, and a hammer and took them to her and said, "Come here, Mom. I'll get that goddamn partial in place."

That lightened the mood around here a little. Now it is time to go walk their dog, go to market and find something to cook them for dinner, clean the kitchen and vacuum the floors.

I am hoping that some time this afternoon I can find time where I can have a shit.