Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Dead In Benghazi Are Not Victims, Hillary Is

Wintery Knight covers the liberal UK Telegraph's assessment of Hillary's performance before Congress and as head of the State Department. It is scathing.

Hysterical Hillary Clinton shrieks out her victimhood over Benghazi cover-up

It’s all a vast right-wing conspiracy:

Who cares about whose fault it is that four Americans are dead? Not her. Stop asking her questions, she has a headache!

Here’s the UK Telegraph assessment of Hillary’s performance at the hearings.
It was not exactly a bravura performance today from the Secretary of State, who testified this morning before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Hillary Clinton came across as defiant, evasive, blasé,and at times hugely unconvincing when answering questions from Republican Senators about the death of four Americans at the hand of Islamist terrorists in Benghazi last September, including the assassination of the US Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens. After listening to several hours of Mrs. Clinton defending her administration’s handling of the Benghazi debacle, including UN Ambassador Susan Rice’s preposterous suggestion on Sunday morning talk shows that this might not have been a terrorist attack, the American public will only be left with the impression that this is a presidency that doesn’t take any responsibility for its actions, is highly incompetent, and remains firmly in denial over the scale of the al-Qaeda threat.

[...]With an eye on a possible 2016 presidential bid, Hillary Clinton did herself no favours with today’s testimony, just a few days before she steps down from high office. It underscores the fact that Clinton has been a less than impressive Secretary of State, whose leadership on an array of foreign policy matters, from Syria to Egypt and Iran, has been underwhelming. Some of her initiatives have been disastrous, including the much-hyped and weak-kneed Russian “reset,” which now appears to have sunk without a trace after Moscow decided not to cooperate. And who can forget Mrs. Clinton’s decision to stand alongside Cristina Kirchner in Buenos Aires, and support the Argentine president’s call for UN-brokered negotiations over the sovereignty of the Falklands? Or her department’s extraordinary attempts to intervene in the internal British debate over membership of the European Union.

The last four years have been a period of marked U.S. decline, coupled with a sneering disregard for America’s key allies such as Britain and Israel. The Secretary of State floundered today before the Senate, struggling to defend a feeble foreign policy that has undercut American leadership and projected weakness in the face of America’s adversaries. The Obama administration’s blundering response to Benghazi is symbolic of its wider failure in the Middle East and beyond, one that does not bode well for the next four years.
Remember, Hillary’s focus as Secretary of State is not what you would expect.

 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton  said last week that she has stood up for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and and Transgender rights all around the world.
“Memories are short, and we can’t afford to rest on the laurels of the past,” Clinton said Thursday at an event co-hosted by the State Department and Foreign Policy Magazine. “So it’s our job to reintroduce a post-Iraq generation of young people around the world to principled American leadership.”
“That is part of why I’ve logged so many miles over the last four years going to something on the order of 112 countries, holding town hall meetings with young people from Tunis to Tokyo, shining a spotlight on the concerns of religious and ethnic minorities from the Copts in Egypt to the Rohingya in Burma, putting down a clear marker on internet freedom, going to the UN Human Rights Council to stand up for the rights and lives of the LGBT people around the world, advancing a new approach to development that puts human dignity and self-sufficiency at the heart of our efforts, and pushing women’s rights and opportunities to the top of the diplomatic agenda,” Clinton continued.
National security? What’s that? The State Department’s job is to promote abortion and gay rights.

Rand Paul sums up my response to our affirmative action Secretary of State:


Clubbing Baby Seals

Robert Babcock over at American Thinker gets this one exactly right and puts it in language that perhaps even addled minded liberals will understand.

January 23, 2013

If They Were Baby Seals Instead of Just Babies...

Robert Babcock

Perhaps our pro-abortion friends will better understand why we pro-lifers oppose any tax-funded support for Planned Parenthood if we explain our opposition in a way that engages their  sympathy: 
Suppose there were a company called Planned Parkas that manufactures very warm winter coats for people who otherwise would have difficulty obtaining them. 
Planned Parkas provides a vital wintertime resource to low-income and homeless people from Bangor to Boise, so the federal government uses taxpayer money to support Planned Parkas -- except, of course, for that part of the operation that clubs baby seals, skins them, tans their hides, and sews their furs onto parka hoods.  (Baby seal fur is a very warm, durable, and practical trim.)
Now, no taxpayer money goes directly to pay the men who club the baby seals, or to transport baby seal furs from the Arctic Circle to Planned Parka factories, or even to pay workers who sew baby seal fur onto hoods.  The law prevents that.
However, taxpayer money does help pay operating expenses of factories where Planned Parka products are manufactured -- including those that feature baby seal fur -- and the warehouses where they are stored.  Taxpayer money helps pay an army of Planned Parka staff to keep track of inventory -- including stock that contains baby seal fur -- and to do accounting that includes sales of baby seal fur products.  Taxpayer money is also a source of funding for the staff who make sure low-income and homeless clientele are provided with parkas -- including parkas that feature baby seal fur.
Planned Parkas says that only 3% of its product line involves the killing of baby seals.   Yet it is a fact that Planned Parkas gets at least 30% to 40% of its revenue from baby seal fur products, and in 2011 Planned Parkas harvested over 333,000 baby seals. 
But parkas with baby seal fur-lined hoods are not the only kind of product Planned Parkas furnishes to its clients.  Planned Parkas performs a great public service:  they provide many other kinds of parkas -- all of them totally fur-free -- to a great number of people whose health and, sometimes, whose very lives depend on keeping warm in the winter with the coats Planned Parkas brings to them. This organization provides products to people in dire need of them, and who otherwise may not be able to get them. 
So won't you please contribute to Planned Parkas?  Remember, your generous donation is tax-deductible.  Of course, any donation you make is beyond the funding you already provide to Planned Parkas through the taxes you pay. 
And remember: none of your tax money contributes to the death of a single baby seal.