Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Exactly Correct!

Jonah Goldberg gets this exactly correct. Liberal putzes.

From the Hollywood Reporter
Briefly sidelined by Sandy, FX’s The Americans started production in New York in December and gets a speedy launch on the network later this month.

The thriller, which stars Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys as embedded Soviet spies in 1981 Washington, DC, made an appearance during Wednesday’s Television Critics Association winter press tour — and producers were quick to emphasize who viewers should be rooting for.

“It might be a little different to believe and get used to, but we want you to root for the KGB,” said EP Joel Fields. “They’re going to try to get the Soviets to win the Cold War.”History knows they’re fighting a losing battle, but the creative team behind the high-profile launch expressed a confidence that more than enough time has passed for American audiences to not hold a grudge.

“If you tried to tell a story like this about al-Qaeda now, it would be impossible; no one would want to hear it,” Fields continued. “I feel even the same could have been said up to 10 years after the cold war ended.”
Yeah, it’s awful that we haven’t come far enough as a country where a TV show that champions al-Qaeda can be made today. But at least we’ve come far enough along where we can have a TV show celebrate a country that murdered tens of millions and enslaved whole nations. Maybe, just maybe, one day we will evolve enough as a society where we can tolerate TV shows where we can root for jihadists dedicated to a cause that would lead to the beheading of most of the “creative” staff at FX. In the meantime, we’ll just have to settle for rooting for the KGB.

Thank you Mr. Goldberg. I wish we had more writers like you.

We're Having A Heat Wave

We are having a heat wave.

It was supposed to be above freezing today but so far it hasn't gotten there. It has warmed up considerably but it is still minus 10. That should be down right comfortable but it feels colder than it was when it was minus 20. It is the humidity, I suppose. One thing you can count on in the north is that once a cold snap has broken we get feet and inches of snow.

Now there is no snow in the forecast at all but then again they were wrong about the temperature for today too.

This "it feels colder" is probably all in my head. I am way tired of winter already and there is another couple of months to go.

I need to get out for my daily constitutional but am having a hard time getting at it. The thought of being outside and walking for a couple of hours fills me with dread for some reason. Maybe it is time to invest in an exercise bicycle after all and like friend Scott suggested, make a mount on it for my iPad. Well, I probably wouldn't go that far. I might as well start watching TV again and park the bike in front of the tube.

I hate being fat, lazy and tired but at the moment I seem to lack the resources to get off my ass and out the door.

Come on summer.