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Today's Weather In Central British Columbia

As you can see it is going to get colder over the next couple of days. Brrrr.

Cabo San Lucas 90210

(Originally posted to Multiply October 15, 2009)

In a recent posting I mentioned in passing how my oldest daughter moved to Cabo San Lucas after graduating from high school and that while there she met Luke Perry of Beverly Hills 90210 who put her in an episode of the show that was filmed there.

I know. I know. This is the Internet and people can say anything and I could hear the choruses of "Yea. Right." as soon as I posted it.

I don't have the equipment to convert the 90210 episode from VHS to WMV to show you but for all the doubters out there, here is a photo taken in 1994 in Cabo San Lucas. I am sure you will recognize Luke Perry and if you have looked at the photos I share here you should recognize my oldest daughter Christina.

So, to all who doubted me? Neener, neener.

Bravo! Well said. Thomas Friedman On Who Really Deserved the Nobel Prize

(Originally posted to Multiply October 13, 2009)

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, certainly no Conservative, on who really deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Well said, Mr. Friedman, well said indeed.

The Peace (Keepers) Prize
Published: October 10, 2009
The New York Times

The Nobel committee did President Obama no favors by prematurely awarding him its peace prize. As he himself acknowledged, he has not done anything yet on the scale that would normally merit such an award — and it dismays me that the most important prize in the world has been devalued in this way.

It is not the president’s fault, though, that the Europeans are so relieved at his style of leadership, in contrast to that of his predecessor, that they want to do all they can to validate and encourage it. I thought the president showed great grace in accepting the prize not for himself but “as an affirmation of American leadership on behalf of aspirations held by people in all nations.”

All that said, I hope Mr. Obama will take this instinct a step further when he travels to Oslo on Dec. 10 for the peace prize ceremony. Here is the speech I hope he will give:

“Let me begin by thanking the Nobel committee for awarding me this prize, the highest award to which any statesman can aspire. As I said on the day it was announced, ‘I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many of the transformative figures who’ve been honored by this prize.’ Therefore, upon reflection, I cannot accept this award on my behalf at all.

“But I will accept it on behalf of the most important peacekeepers in the world for the last century — the men and women of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.

“I will accept this award on behalf of the American soldiers who landed on Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944, to liberate Europe from the grip of Nazi fascism. I will accept this award on behalf of the American soldiers and sailors who fought on the high seas and forlorn islands in the Pacific to free East Asia from Japanese tyranny in the Second World War.

“I will accept this award on behalf of the American airmen who in June 1948 broke the Soviet blockade of Berlin with an airlift of food and fuel so that West Berliners could continue to live free. I will accept this award on behalf of the tens of thousands of American soldiers who protected Europe from Communist dictatorship throughout the 50 years of the cold war.

“I will accept this award on behalf of the American soldiers who stand guard today at outposts in the mountains and deserts of Afghanistan to give that country, and particularly its women and girls, a chance to live a decent life free from the Taliban’s religious totalitarianism.

“I will accept this award on behalf of the American men and women who are still on patrol today in Iraq, helping to protect Baghdad’s fledgling government as it tries to organize the rarest of things in that country and that region — another free and fair election.

“I will accept this award on behalf of the thousands of American soldiers who today help protect a free and Democratic South Korea from an unfree and Communist North Korea.

“I will accept this award on behalf of all the American men and women soldiers who have gone on repeated humanitarian rescue missions after earthquakes and floods from the mountains of Pakistan to the coasts of Indonesia. I will accept this award on behalf of American soldiers who serve in the peacekeeping force in the Sinai desert that has kept relations between Egypt and Israel stable ever since the Camp David treaty was signed.
“I will accept this award on behalf of all the American airmen and sailors today who keep the sea lanes open and free in the Pacific and Atlantic so world trade can flow unhindered between nations.
“Finally, I will accept this award on behalf of my grandfather, Stanley Dunham, who arrived at Normandy six weeks after D-Day, and on behalf of my great-uncle, Charlie Payne, who was among those soldiers who liberated part of the Nazi concentration camp of Buchenwald.

“Members of the Nobel committee, I accept this award on behalf of all these American men and women soldiers, past and present, because I know — and I want you to know — that there is no peace without peacekeepers.
“Until the words of Isaiah are made true and lasting — and nations never again lift up swords against nations and never learn war anymore — we will need peacekeepers. Lord knows, ours are not perfect, and I have already moved to remedy inexcusable excesses we’ve perpetrated in the war on terrorism.

“But have no doubt, those are the exception. If you want to see the true essence of America, visit any U.S. military outpost in Iraq or Afghanistan. You will meet young men and women of every race and religion who work together as one, far from their families, motivated chiefly by their mission to keep the peace and expand the borders of freedom.

“So for all these reasons — and so you understand that I will never hesitate to call on American soldiers where necessary to take the field against the enemies of peace, tolerance and liberty — I accept this peace prize on behalf of the men and women of the U.S. military: the world’s most important peacekeepers.”

Happy Birthday Prissy Chrissy

(Originally posted to Multiply October 9, 2009)

Yesterday was my oldest daughter Christina's 34th birthday. Her 34th! I am not sure how that happened. It was just yesterday she was born. I am sure it was just yesterday. I remember it so clearly. How did 34 years go by so fast?

Her grandparents, my mother and father, invited Chris and her brood in for a birthday dinner. Chris is uncomfortably pregnant right now. I think she is in her 10th or 11th month of gestation and the baby isn't due for another 2 - 3 weeks.

I think it is twins. Maybe triplets.

This is Chris and I on her graduation from High School. She was 18 then. From here it was off to living in Cabo San Lucas where she met Luke Perry and was in an episode of Beverly Hills 90210. Then she moved back to Canada and it has been all down hill since. Why couldn't you have done a better job impressing Luke Perry? We could all be living in the lap of luxury in Hollywood now.

This is Chris and I today. As you can see, being her Dad has turned my hair white.

Anyway, Chris. I hope you had a good birthday. See you again on Sunday for Thanksgiving. I love you.

What's Worse Than A Lobster On Your Piano?

(Originally posted to Multiply October 4, 2009)

What's worse than a lobster on your piano?

Tess' mother is in Vancouver visiting with her brother and Marlyn was working today so Tess and I took a spur of the moment trip to the city to buy some Dungeness Crab for a surprise feast for my Mom and Dad. Well, I guess it wasn't a surprise to my Mom as I had to clue her in to the plan before we went so she didn't go ahead and cook something else for their dinner tonight. Tess and I got back just at dinner time. Mom had the water steaming for the crabs. So Tess and I supplied the crab and Mom supplied the drawn butter, rice and salad as well as angel food cake and raspberries for dessert. It was a hard dinner to get through but we all sacrificed ourselves and ate our way through the crabs. It was all done for God, the Queen, and country, of course.

So, what is worse than a lobster on your piano? A crab on your organ, of course. This was a joke father told my mother one lunch time many years ago. My brother, only 5 at the time, overheard it and, the only organs he knew about being in a church, promptly told the joke to the Baptist preacher when he came to call on his first, and as it it turned out, last visit.

I stopped into the Coles/Indigo bookstore and bought Karen Armstrong's new book about God.I've got the first chapter read and the introduction to the review already planned. 

While I went to the bookstore Tess went to Mariposa's, a high end women's clothing store that is going out of business and has discounts of 70 - 80 per cent. I had time to look through 10,000 titles in the bookstore before Tess made it half way through the women's clothing store so I had to do what husbands and boyfriends do in situations like this - stand around looking stupid and reminding her what time it was.

Tess picked up one blouse and asked me what I thought. I lost my head for a moment and told her she was too old for it. Then I caught myself and changed it to the blouse being too young for her. The look on her face told me all I needed to know. I redeemed myself by paying for the armful of clothes she had picked out and didn't need. I made the mistake of saying that too which brought a rejoinder about my book purchase.
The ride to the city and back was beautiful this sunny, fall day. Dinner with Mom and Dad was great and it made me happy to do something for them that they enjoyed. The outing was good for Tess as well - an all too rare good day for her and I am even forgiven for 'you are too old for that blouse.'

So now we are settled in for the evening. Tess is watching Wowwowwee on Filipino television. We have a crab and rice put away for Marlyn when she gets home from work. I am going to go lay down and read here  shortly after I call my daughters.

I hope you all had a great Sunday.