Thursday, 12 December 2013

Today's High Ain't Grass

Today's high ain't grass.

I'm talking a different kind of high - the minus 15 the thermometer is struggling to maintain as today's warmest temperature. The forecast says that minus 15 will be tonight's low as well. I think there is something wrong there but maybe we will get a break before it tumbles back down over the weekend.

I will be missing that joy as we head to the lower mainland early Friday morning for Tess' nephew Roy's wedding on Saturday. It should be a fair bit warmer in the south.

The problem is that I am not feeling at all well today. Sick to my stomach. Bleck. Ate eggs for breakfast. Hope they weren't contaminated or it will be a long drive Friday. Shouldn't be the flu because I had the shot. My two older daughters didn't and both have been throwing up sick.

I had to take Tess' mom to the hospital lab for blood work this morning and I have to take Tess car in to get the oil changed this afternoon. After that I am going to come back here to my folks place and make sure they have a dinner tonight and then I may collapse here for the night and make sure I get an early sleep and shake whatever this is. I am really feeling chilled as well.

I hate being ill and don't suffer well.

(Originally posted to Blogster December 4, 2013)

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