Thursday, 12 December 2013

This Is Shocking and Grim

This should scare the crap out of you. It should especially scare the crap out of you if you are gay and, yes, I have forwarded this to both of my borther-in-laws and my nephew.

You may recall two of my posts last week. One was about the epidemic proportion of syphilis in gay men in Vancouver and the second was about the sharp rise in unprotected sex among gay American men.
In the first of those articles I stated a startling statistic that is seen in billboards all over British Columbia from our Center for Disease Control and which is available anywhere on the Internet: Twenty percent of sexually active gay and bisexual men have HIV and of that number fifty per cent do not know it.

One would think that it could not get more grim but it does. I will have a closing comment at the end of this news story.

CDC: 62% of Men Who Know They're HIV Positive Have Unprotected Sex With Men

( - Sixty-two percent of American men who know they are HIV positive continue to have unprotected anal sex, according to data released last week by the federal Centers for Disease Control.

This data, which was published Friday, came from the federal government's National HIV Behavioral Surveillance System.

The percentage of self-aware HIV-positive men who engage in unprotected anal sex has been increasing, according to the CDC. In 2005, 55 percent did so. In 2008, 57 percent did so. And, in 2011, 62 percent did so.

"Unprotected anal sex is a high-risk practice for HIV infection, with receptive anal sex having the highest risk," said the CDC report. "Unprotected anal sex also places MSM at risk for other sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. Although condoms can reduce the risk for HIV transmission, they do not eliminate risk and often are not used consistently. Some MSM attempt to decrease their HIV risk by engaging in unprotected sex only with partners perceived to have the same HIV status as their own. However, this practice is risky, especially for HIV-negative MSM, because MSM with HIV might not know or disclose that they are infected and men's assumptions about the HIV status of their partners can be wrong."

Did you catch that?

  Sixty-two percent of American men who know they are HIV positive continue to have unprotected anal sex.

That should boggle your mind. I know it does mine. These people are so selfish they risk giving a death sentence to their sex partners soley to satisfy their sexual desires regardless of the consequences to anyone else.

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