Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Great White North, Damn It.

Good morning from the Great White North.

Our extreme cold weather has broken here in central British Columbia. The return of warmer air is always a mixed blessing here as it nearly always comes with a snow fall.

Today we have extreme snow fall warnings with accumulations of between 8 and 16 inches forecast before tomorrow night. We've already had 3 inches.

I was up at 6:00 this morning fixing the garage door. The battery had died in the opener and once a new one was installed it did not want to register properly. Once I finally had it working I shoveled the the driveway for what will be the first time of at least twice today and then drove up the hill out of town to my parents. Once I finish my coffee I will do their driveway for the first of at least two times today. The next door neighbor can wait until later in the day. I am only going to do theirs once.

For the 91% of the US having below normal temperatures, please enjoy your global warming.

(Posted to Blogster December 11, 2013)

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