Thursday, 12 December 2013

Life In the Far North

I drove number two daughter to the city this morning to do Christmas shopping. We took her Jeep Sahara. The roads were as bad as I have ever seen them. It snowed overnight, froze on the road, then got rained on. The first 50 miles were nerve wracking even with four wheel drive. Twenty miles out of town we took a rock to the windshield, right on the edge where the crack immediately ran across the drivers side. This life in northern Canada where you expect to go through one windshield a year and thus why car insurance is so high. No sense replacing this one now until late spring when the rocks have been swept off the road again.

Once in the city we picked up number three daughter and granddaughter Gracey and took them with us while we Christmas shopped. Gracey is usually all over me but today I was ignored as Auntie Amy was the center of attention.

It was pouring in the city and half way back. On the other half to here it was just light rain. Heavy or light it isn't what we need now with the temperatures plummeting tomorrow. We are going to be a sea of ice.
It was a long trip back in the dark. I am tired tonight. Very tired. I am going to put on mu PJ's and lie down on the bed with a book. I am thinking I won't get many pages read.

I am getting too old for white knuckle winter driving and chasing kids and grandkids around  malls.

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