Thursday, 12 December 2013

Higher Education

Higher eduction (not to be confused with the excellent science fiction novel by Charles Sheffield.

There is nothing like an Ivy League eduction, I guess.

"I'll take the Shoah for 2000, Alex."

"The answer is, the left."

"What end of the political spectrum did the Nazi's fall on?"


Harvard University student journal writes that Jews deserve to be punished for killing Jesus

By: David Ross
A Harvard University student journal has caused uproar after writing that Jews deserved to be punished for killing Jesus.

Now, a Christian paper run by students at Harvard University, has apologized for publishing an article written by an anonymous writer, who wrote that Jews deserve to be punished by God for killing Jesus.

The article was published on the website of Harvard Ichthus on Wednesday. It was removed and republished on Friday.

Ichthus editor in chief Aaron Gyde published an apology on the website on Saturday, on behalf of the editorial board of the journal.

"First, we apologize for the poor editorial oversight of the publication and republication of that article," Gyde wrote.

"It was not the intention of the writer or the website to present a piece that is anti-Semitic in nature," he also wrote.

The article was titled "Why us?" And it was written by a Jewish convert to Christianity. The author has asked to remain anonymous due to potential personal attacks.

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